Atlas Rewards


What will you choose?

Choosing a new travel nursing company is tough. There needs to be a reward for making that leap. That’s why we have three different options for travelers who take their first assignment with Atlas. You can choose from our industry famous “Dream Job Dream Vacation”, an iPad mini or a completion bonus of $400.

And contrary to urban legend, the cost of the promotion isn’t a line item in your pay package. As we all know, the total billed to a facility for each contract is divided between the pay package you receive and the agency. The cost of this promotion comes from the latter. Acquiring traveling nurses and techs in this ultra-competitive market is difficult, and we’ll gladly pay for the very best.

*The “Dream Job Dream Vacation” promotion consists of a hotel gift card, an airline gift card or a combination of the two totaling $400. The $400 cash option is a taxable payment. Deadlines and other restrictions apply. Must complete and meet all conditions of the assignment as set forth in your confirmation work order. Promotion must be used within six months upon completion of your first travel assignment with Atlas.

Why Atlas?

Atlas is located in Omaha, NE and comprised of the best recruiters and client managers in the industry. We are proud to be Veteran Owned and Joint Commission Certified.

Atlas traveling nurses and techs have 24/7 access to their recruiter. And you’ll never have to worry about changing recruiters just because you travel to a different part of the country. The relationship you build is more important than internal company policy or structure.

Atlas has always believed in a flat internal business model. We don’t have layers of management sitting in offices collecting big checks, or private equity firm owners only interested in the bottom line. That means better pay for our travelers, more freedom for our recruiters, and a happier work environment for all.

Hard work means something to us at Atlas, and our pay packages reflect that.