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New Year’s Bonus

New Year’s Bonus

Just a reminder: If you work a single hour for Atlas after the ball drops tonight, you’re eligible for the $500 New Year’s Bonus. You have to work a scheduled hour as an Atlas-employed travel RN, LPN or Tech any day or night during the first week of January.

Let your recruiter and/or our human resource team know as soon as you become eligible.

What will you do with your $500?

North Dakota Booms

North Dakota Booms

Think there isn’t a lot to do in North Dakota? Think again. If you’re willing to drive a little ways, there’s plenty to see in the Flickertail State. Or is it the Roughrider State? No, that was when Teddy Roosevelt loved shooting things along our border with Canada.


The Peace Garden State! Ah, South Dakota’s northern brother is the Peace Garden State, named after the International Peace Garden which straddles the boundary between North Dakota and the Canadian province of Manitoba. That botanical garden sounds like a good place to start our whirlwind ride of free or low-cost activities.


International Peace Garden

(Near Minot, ND)



14 bells chime in the belfry, echoing across beautiful vistas and one of the largest botanical gardens in the country. You’ll pay four fewer dollars than bells on your visit, but you can’t miss the dozens of displays: the cairn (located on the US-Canadian border, representing our eternal friendship), the floral clock (a replica of the famous Bulova Floral Clock at Berne, Switzerland—and you know the Swiss make some great timepieces), the Interpretive Center (with flora and fauna from around the world), and even a Nurses’ dedication, complete with a plaque of the Nightingale Pledge.


The Arts Center

(Jamestown, ND)



Ever wanted to be an actor, a writer, a musician, or artist? Try your hand at any art medium you want at the Jamestown Fine Arts Association, better known as The Arts Center. Gallery admission is always free, but for a small fee, you can immerse yourself in just about any art activity you want and get some advice from a trained artist to boot.


Chief Looking’s Village

(Bismarck, ND)



Named after the famous Mandan chief of the village Chief Looking’s Village provides a look into the Mandan way of life. Admission is free and the tours are always self-guided. Explore the grounds, earthlodge depressions and fortification ditch.


North Dakota State Fair Center

(Minot, ND)



The State Fair Center in Minot, ND is the “Entertainment Capital of North Dakota,” hosting a variety of events year-round. You’ll find just about anything within the State Fair Center’s dozens of buildings: a battle of hair bands, indoor/outdoor hockey games, flea markets, rodeos, car shows, expos, and even The North Dakota State Fair. The State Fair Center hosts hundreds of events each year.


Audubon National Wildlife Refuge

(Coleharbor, ND)



The answer is a wildlife refuge that has 100 islands, 246 bird, 34 mammal, 5 reptile, 4 amphibian and 37 fish species. I rub the sweat off my hands, look at the crowd and press the button. What is Audubon National Wildlife Refuge, Alex? And I score $100.


The Audubon National Wildlife Refuge offers adventure, serenity and a singular natural experience. You’ll find gorgeous prairie grasslands and a thriving wetland. Enjoy thousands of ducks, geese, shorebirds and songbirds.


Even though the peak observation seasons are Spring and Fall (migration times), there’s still plenty to see and do year-round: wildlife observation (find the elusive coyote, the wily elk and the towering moose), the prairie nature trail and even go ice fishing with the help of a trained professional.


Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Wild beasts and birds are by right not the property merely of the people who are alive today, but the property of unknown generations, whose belongings we have no right to squander.” I think he wanted the animals for himself, but the Audubon National Wildlife Refuge follows Roosevelt’s words and provides a safe-haven for countless species.


The National Buffalo Museum

(Jamestown, ND)



What visit of North Dakota would be complete without taking a glimpse of one of the nation’s largest buffalo refuges? The National Buffalo Museum is home to one of the biggest herds of buffalo and living with the heard are three albino bison (the mythical White Buffalo): White Cloud, Dakota Miracle and Dakota Legend. Native American tradition holds the white buffalo to be sacred and have special powers.


The Enchanted Highway

(Off of I-94 between Regent and Gladstone, ND)



The Enchanted Highway is a collection of the world’s largest scrap metal sculptures. The unnamed highway stretches 32 miles in the southwestern part of North Dakota and houses whimsical metal pieces of art that include aquatic scenes, “Teddy Roosevelt Rides Again,” Pheasants on the Prairie and the Tin Family to name a few. You’ll find more than a few photo ops along this stretch of road.

I Am a Recruiter

I Am a Recruiter

From the desk of Crystal Austin

The past few nights I’ve had trouble sleeping. I’m not sure if I’m excitement about going to Vegas for the traveler’s conference for the first time or if something a nurse said to me has haunted me all week: “It must be hard being a recruiter these days, especially with all the ones out there that give recruiters a bad name.” For the most part, she’s right.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great recruiters out there. Recruiters, who care, listen and have integrity. But there are a lot that don’t. These recruiters – who give other recruiters bad names – treat their profession as just a job. It’s all about money to them. A statistic. A checkmark on a spreadsheet or whiteboard.

So this got me thinking about Jerry Maguire. If you’ve seen the movie or read the book, then you know the story. After suffering a nervous breakdown due to stress and a guilty conscious over how sports agencies are run, Jerry Maguire writes a mission statement, changing how he acts as a sports agent. He wants to be a better person and care about his clients, not just the money that clients bring to the company. This story resonates with me. It makes me think about the image travel nurse recruiters have and what I can do as one to change it.

I am a nurse recruiter, but I don’t see myself as just a “recruiter.” I used to work for a larger staffing agency and looking back, I see it as the type of company in which Jerry Maguire worked. My only job was recruiting, meeting my quotas and making money.

So like Jerry Maguire before me, here’s my mission statement:

1) Treat people the way you want to be treated

2) If you want honesty, be honest

3) If you want someone to care, then you must show that you care

4) Respect is earned and not freely given

5) Loyalty and trust are dying commodities unless you give people a reason to be loyal and to trust you

6) It isn’t always about money, but what you can bring to the table along with it

7) Get to know your clients, care about them as individuals and remember that they have the same issues and problems that we all experience from time to time

8) Don’t make promises you can‘t keep and always follow through on the promises you do make

I’m not perfect. I never will be. I’m not the best recruiter out there and I probably never will be. I may not ever be “recruiter of the year” and I am okay with that because I choose to be different. I choose to be a recruiter with integrity. I choose to care.

I’m so happy that I’m with Atlas Medstaff. They believe and think like I do. They allow me to be me and they support and help me achieve my goals. I’m a valued individual and employee. I’m proud to say that I work for Atlas Medstaff and I am a recruiter.



Your Travel Nursing Atlas: Texas

Your Travel Nursing Atlas: Texas

Everything’s bigger and better in Texas, even the nurses and the experience they gain. Whether it’s specializing as a nurse or getting back to basics with medical-surgical, you’ll experience some of the sweetest moments in the Lone Star State. Are you ready to nurse up Texas?


You can find everything in Texas: bayou in the southeast, plains in the panhandle, desert in the west, crystal blue waters along the Gulf—well, Corpus Christi for sure. You’ll find adventure around each bend, there’s even a big one on the border with Mexico. Get in your car and drive the Wild West. Here’s a list of ten must see Texas locations.

10) The Strand; Galveston
9) Corpus Christi
8) Moody Gardens; Galveston
7) Kemah Boardwalk; Houston
6) Buckhorn Saloon; San Antonio
5) 6th Street Entertainment District; Austin
4) Riverwalk; San Antonio
3) Sixth Floor Museum; Dallas
2) South Padre Island
1) Alamo; San Antonio


Your Travel Nursing Atlas: Kansas

Your Travel Nursing Atlas: Kansas

Everything’s coming up sunflowers for Kansas ICU nurses. Let Atlas show you the way to one of the nation’s growing nursing communities. Can you be the ray of sunshine for those in need? Are you ready to easy your patients’ and their loved ones’ pain? There’s no place like Kansas, and Atlas can take you there.


After the wind settles and the dust clears, Kansas offers much for tourists.

Dorothy isn’t the only one from Kansas. Melissa Etheridge, Gale Sayers, Amelia Earhart, Langston Hughes, Dwight Eisenhower and even basketball call Kansas home. Relive the Wild West. Experience the iconic bison that still roam the Great Plains. See the intimate side of the heart of America. Here’s a list of some great things to do while in Kansas.

10) Oz Museum; Wamego
9) Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center; Hutchinson
8) Museum of World Treasures; Wichita
7) River Museum Campus; Wichita
6) Cowtown; Wichita
5) Exploration Place; Wichita
4) Clinton Lake; Lawrence
3) Old West Lawrence
2) Kansas History Museum; Topeka
1) Keeper of the Plains; Wichita

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Your Travel Nursing Atlas: Arkansas

Your Travel Nursing Atlas: Arkansas

Do you have a critical urge to return to a natural state? Atlas can lead the way with a position as an Intensive Care Unit RN in the state of Arkansas. Do you like the hands on opportunities of the ICU? Can you care for your patient’s critical needs while helping their loved ones cope? Return to nature with a position in Arkansas.


Find your diamond in the rough.

It doesn’t take long to discover gems in Arkansas’ hills. In fact, there’s a Crater of Diamonds State Park, Crystal Bridges, and the world’s finest quartz. Explore Arkansas’ great outdoors where most of the nation’s landforms can be found: the Ozarks, a unique mountain range (Ouachita Mountains), and hot springs. Travel on the wild side. Here’s a list of some of Arkansas’ most popular destinations.

10) Blanchard Springs Caverns
9) Ouachita Mountains (quartz mining)
8) Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park
7) Bathhouse Row; Hot Springs National Park
6) Eureka Springs
5) Crater of Diamonds (mine your own crystal)
4) Central High Museum; Little Rock
3) Buffalo River
2) Clinton Library
1) Crystal Bridges; Bentonville

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Your Travel Nursing Atlas: Wisconsin

Your Travel Nursing Atlas: Wisconsin

Be the big cheese in Wisconsin. Atlas has helped LPNs find work for great amounts of cheddar in America’s Dairyland, while the LPN improves their skills and finding the vocation right for them. Head to the Great Lakes to find your vocation.


A circus of attractions await you in Wisconsin. Yes. You can explore the second largest shoreline of Great Lakes in the country, but that’s only the beginning. The Dells, Door County, and the slice of paradise that is Lake Geneva are all must see attractions, but doesn’t even stop there. When you’re done sampling cheese, brats, and fine cherry wine, take a gander at the following list of attractions.

10) House on the Rock; Spring Green
9) Harley-Davidson Museum; Milwaukee
8) Henry Villas Zoo; Madison
7) Cave of the Mounds; Blue Mounds
6) EAA Air Adventure Museum; Oshkosh
5) Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM)
4) Geneva Lake Shore Path; Lake Geneva
3) Circus World; Baraboo
2) Door County
1) Wisconsin Dells

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What to Ask Your Staffing Agency?

What to Ask Your Staffing Agency?

So you’re thinking about traveling, or you’re a seasoned traveler and you never seem to get straight answers from your staffing agency. The problem may not be with your staffing agency. It may be with the questions you ask. As with anything there are right and wrong questions, and if you ask the right questions, you’re more likely to get the answers you want.

Don’t ask:

“What assignments/jobs do you have available?”

Travel nursing jobs fill too quickly – we’re talking three days and a job’s gone. So unless you have a profile ready to go with the travel nursing agency in advance, it’s impossible for them to answer this question.

One important caveat: If you do have a profile with the agency in question, feel free to ask this question. Half the work’s already done!

Do ask:

“What cities or states do you typically have the most travel nursing jobs?”
“What hospitals do you work with in (insert city or state here)?”
“Do you get a lot of travel nursing jobs in fill-in-the blank city or state?”

1) You’ll know where the travel nursing agency works primarily. If they work in the areas you want to work in, it might be worth filling out their submission profile.

2) Make sure you don’t use different companies that staff the same facilities. It muddies the water and you may be put up for the same contract with two different companies – and we all know the Oscar rule: put two great actors from the same film in the same category against each other and usually they cancel each other out.

Don’t Ask:

“What’s the rate?”

Any answer you’d get with this question would be a nebulous one. “Well, we offer several different rates with various benefit packages.” “It depends on how many hours you work as to how much you’ll make per week.” Or even, “It’s impossible to answer that question. Can you give me more to work with?”

Do Ask:

“If I take company provided housing, what will my weekly gross be for working 36 hours?” Or a question that’s even more detailed and specific than this one.

Do you want medical insurance? You may not if you maintain your own. If you own an RV, you’d probably want to pocket a housing stipend rather than shacking up in company housing. The more detailed your questions are the more likely you’ll get the answers you want. But make sure the questions are tailored to your specific situation.

Don’t Ask:

“Do you provide free (insert anything you want here)?”

Like free internet at a hotel, the service is built into the price of the room – or in this case the price of your rate. As with the previous good question, free company housing means you won’t get a housing stipend. Medical insurance will come out of your bill rate, too. Ask for anything “free,” and it’s coming out of your pay – every staffing agency want to earn some profit out of the bill rate they charge hospitals.

“Ain’t nothing in this life for free!” Ah, thank you, Cage the Elephant’s “Ain’t no Rest for the Wicked.”

Your Travel Nursing Atlas: Chicago

Your Travel Nursing Atlas: Chicago

A new wind sweeps healthcare as nursing needs grow on the home front, especially in large cities. Home healthcare nurses are mighty winds in Chicago. Atlas should know; we’ve experienced it firsthand. Do you want to know your patients intimately? Do you have experience as a home healthcare nurse? Is the breeze blowing you to Chicago?


Catch a second wind.

Rising like a phoenix, Chicago’s second coming is a glorious one. Whether it’s shopping (Navy Pier and the Magnificent Mile), food (more than just deep dish pizza), or fabled sports teams, Chicago has what you need. Don’t know what to see first? Chicago has the answer with fantastic, affordable tours. Here’s a list of the top 10 Chicago tours (as voted on by Vacations Made easy):

10) Obama’s Chicago Bike Tour
9) Chicago Culinary Bike Tour
8) Historic Chicago South Shore Tour
7) Chicago North Side Tour
6) Chicago Bike Tour – 2 Hour Bike Tour for Families
5) Chicago Bike Tour – 3 Hour City Lights at Night
4) Chicago Grand Tour
3) Chicago Hop On/Hop Off Trolley and Upper Decker Tour
2) Chicago City Segway Tour
1) Chicago Architectural Cruise on the Chicago River

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*Figures don’t include OT and Holiday pay
**Doesn’t include a traveling stipend, standard with all Atlas contracts

Your Travel Nursing Atlas: North Dakota

Your Travel Nursing Atlas: North Dakota

Quiet towns aren’t so quiet in North Dakota. They run fast and loud while working as an ER nurse. Can you think on your feet, mastering multiple tasks at once? Do you want to live on top of the world in North Dakota? Atlas can show you how.

North Dakota

It might have been voted as the least visited state by multiple sources (including CNN, Forbes, and Yahoo) but it’s also the most underrated state in the nation: the most wildlife refuges, quirky gigantic animal statues, the Pitchfork Fondue. Anyone can live large in North Dakota. Nurses live larger than most. Take a look at some of the best attractions.

10) Chimney Park; Medora
9) Sullys Hill National Game Preserve; Baraboo
8) Little Missouri State Park
7) Salem Sue (the World’s Largest Holstein cow); New Salem
6) North Dakota Heritage Center; Bismarck
5) Buffalo Trails Museum; Epping
4) Dakota Dinosaur Museum; Dickinson
3) Theodore Roosevelt National Park; Medora
2) Devil’s Lake; Baraboo
1) Pembina Gorge; Walhalla

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