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Atlas MedStaff - The Fastest Growing Staffing Company in the Country

Atlas MedStaff - The Fastest Growing Staffing Company in the Country

You've all heard the story, I've told it many times before. Six years ago, we were just an idea. Build a travel nurse staffing company from the ground up. Question everything in the industry. Stop treating the nurses in the hospital like a number. Don't operate an office like a call center. Stop counting phone calls. Stop tracking metrics that don't matter. Remove all the barriers that a traditional staffing office had to being successful. If we did all these things, we believed success would come.

And it did.

Since the beginning, our nurses have loved the fresh approach to our industry. Our success was measured by the love and support posted on social media and the referrals that our nurses send to us daily. If it never went further than that, that would be enough for us. It proved what we believed was working. We changed the industry. We made a difference. And more importantly, we did it our way. The way we believed it always should have been done.

Now we have the numbers to prove it.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about our place on the 2018 Inc 5000 list, and our position on their list as the fastest growing travel nurse staffing company in the industry for the third straight year. Just two days ago we were awarded a larger honor. Staffing Industry Analysts, the global advisor on staffing and workplace solutions, ranked Atlas MedStaff as the Fastest Growing Staffing Company in the country. That's not just healthcare staffing, that's ALL staffing, all across the country. There are a lot of numbers and stats that back up our place on their list, you can see them all in the link below.

It's a huge honor, and it proves that hard work pays off. More importantly, it shows how hard all of our nurses have worked over the past six years. Loyalty and dedication mean so much to us, and every day we get up and come to work thankful for the nurses that have made Atlas what it is today. Like the first time we made the Inc 5000 list three years ago, this changes nothing. We will use our place on these lists as validation of our belief system and forge ahead to greater things. Traditional recruiting is dead. The new world is here, and Atlas is leading the way.

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