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Times change. Old businesses die. New businesses take their place. Markets shift. How a consumer gets what he or she wants evolves. Circle of life, right? What a lot of people don't see is the why behind these changes. They just happen and we accept them.

Our industry has changed. If I had a nickel for every time I've said that! But it's true. Just this year, no less than four other travel nurse staffing company owners and their recruiters have visited the Atlas office. 8 years ago that would NEVER have happened, ESPECIALLY here in Omaha. When I started in the industry in 2004, there was the feeling that every other company was the enemy. They all did it the wrong way and we were the only ones that did it the right way. Ironically, every company felt like that. So, we all acted accordingly. What we found was that wasn't true at all, but it's all we knew at the time. Right or wrong, it drove us, and the industry grew in silos.

Episode 45 of Atlas All Access that airs next Thursday 11/1, features Scott Martindale of Republic. They are a direct competitor of Atlas, but they are also our friend. We do a lot of things the same, but we also do a lot of things differently. Either way, there is a power to sharing ideas, talking about the industry, etc. Like-minded companies, doing things the right way, sharing ideas. That's a powerful force. That's a force that can accelerate change.

In the vlog, Scott talks about a line in the sand. Camaraderie and collaboration will win over the old ways of isolation and negativity. Our industry is full of companies that operate in this new way of thinking. Trust me when I say I've seen growth and success from this model. It works, and it's not going away.

The door at Atlas is always open. Our secret sauce is out there for everyone to see. Stop by and see us if you are in Omaha. (If you do stop by, bring some donuts. We like donuts.)