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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

You know what scares me? Well...Japanese horror movies if we are being honest. But what really scares me is technology.

Me. The guy who loves technology. Strange, right?

You see, I'm an emotional guy. Not in a Nicholas Sparks kinda way. But in an everyday life way. I appreciate the beauty of a mountain waterfall. I wish my kids could stay that perfect age where everything in the world was new and wonderful for them. I wish that family vacations would never end.

Technology scares me because as much as it's brought us all together, it's starting to push us all apart. Automation is making it easier and easier to lose the human touch. Think about your everyday life. How often do you talk to a machine rather than person online and over the phone? I had the opportunity last night to talk with a nurse who was having some minor issues. Nothing dramatic, but important to her nonetheless. Sure, the conversation was through Facebook messenger, but it was still a conversation. She knew where to go to get answers and talk to a live person. Our industry is seeing some of these "recruiter-less" models popping up, almost a Kayak or Priceline type of service for finding your next contract. When you remove the human element, you lose something. You lose the...humanity.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't some kind of sour grapes. This isn't me lamenting what could be the end of traditional recruiting. Atlas will be fine either way. We will adapt and change as needed. But we won't lose our humanity. Your professional license and career isn't the same as renting a car or booking a hotel. It deserves more than just a faceless app. When things don't go according to plan, who will you call? The app developer? The guy that has zero industry knowledge?

I'm not fighting change. Change isn't scary. Losing the very core of what makes our industry great is scary. Don't let that happen. You deserve better. Our industry deserves better.