Playing Company

Healthcare related jobs, and in particular temp jobs, aren’t going away anytime soon. There are some that would have you believe otherwise, but I’d question their motives for distributing such [...]

If so, why?

I wrote myself a note last week before I did the interview with Andrew Craig. I was watching a Gary Vaynerchuk video and he said something like this: “Too many companies don’t believe in what [...]

Little Things

It’s easy to look at the world and think things are crazy. It’s also easy to look at the world and feel helpless. The feeling like there is nothing you can do to make things better. That somehow [...]

Viva Las Vegas

Five years ago we went to TravCon for the first time. We had an opportunity to support another startup the weekend before the conference started, and it seemed like a good fit. There were three [...]

Work is Personal

Work is personal. I’ve had that quote up on my wall for some time now. (If you follow Atlas on Instagram, you’d have seen it last week.) Couldn’t tell you where it came from, or who said it [...]

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