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Brittaney Bialas

Brittaney Bialas


855-884-2360 Ext. 3165


Why did you choose Atlas MedStaff?

Right away I fell in love with the culture of Atlas! The company truly cares about people and prioritizes building quality relationships, all while keeping things fun! I chose Atlas for the opportunity to help healthcare professionals fulfill their passion and purpose in their careers.


My significant other, Spencer. And of course, my mom (Marilyn), dad (David), brother (Jacob) and lots of extended family. :)


My dog, Luna - she is a pure white, Wheaten Terrier/Husky mix and believes she is the Mascot of the neighborhood! My cat, Little Girl - she is mostly grey and sleeps in bed all day except around 9:30 pm when she comes out for her treats. My betta, Salvador Dali - He is marbled blue/white and enjoys his live plant aquarium.


I love plants and watching them grow! I have an outdoor "Foodie tower" (hydroponic vegetable garden) and am a member of the local orchid society. I regularly attend Pilates, yoga, and barre classes. I also love riding downtown in the golf cart with my dog and significant other for local festivals and sunsets.

Top five things on your Bucket List:

1. Trip to Greece with my Mom.

2. Road trip around the country in an RV/camper.

3. Live aboard a boat and island hop for a few months.

4. Complete wine-vineyard tours across various regions of the world.

5. Hug and hold a 3-toed sloth.

Favorite Quote:

"You are either growing or declining. There is no standing still." - Gail Boudreaux, President and CEO of Anthem