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Rylee Smith

Rylee Smith

Compliance Quality Specialist

855-884-2360 Ext.

Why did you choose Atlas MedStaff?

I was at rock bottom in life when my dad (Rich) gave me the opportunity to work at Atlas Medstaff. The environment, the people, the WHY at Atlas was inspiring and totally something I needed to help put me back on my feet. The work I and every one else do here is meaningful and important beyond measure, it's a blessing to be apart of something so positive everyday. I don't want to imagine what my life would look like now if I didn't choose Atlas.


Truly what a broad question for me. Being in my early 20's I still want to tell you about my wonderful mom, my fiercely independent and beautiful sister, my smart and deeply understanding father, and my partners family that treats me like their own. However I have my own little family that I've made for myself that I am so proud of. My almost one year old son Kingston and my boyfriend Kobe are the lights of my life. With them by my side my life makes sense, they are the reason I get out of bed every day. I refer to my family as my village, it runs deep and it does not always involve blood relations.




Tik tok, yoga, reading

Any other information you want to share:


Top five things on your Bucket List:

1. Become a lactation consultant/support new moms outside of the hospital setting

2. Meet my grandchildren

3. Live outside of the USA

4. Write a book

5. Go to space

Favorite Quote:

I love myself as I am in this moment without condition, without reason.