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The TravCon that wasn't, and the TravCon that will be - Atlas All Access 132

TravCon 2020 -- we miss you and we never got the chance to know you.

Normally, right now, we would be in Vegas with all of you, celebrating TravCon and toasting to our awesome travel nurses and travel healthcare pros. But 2020 has been a bit of a [insert your favorite swear]. Right?

We chat with Tricia Novak: NICU RN, travel nurse, volunteer coordinator for TravCon, and all-around awesome person. Share some TravCon memories with us as we talk about the TravCon that wasn't (2020), and the TravCon that will be (2021).

Suddenly we feel like Bob Cratchit discussing the ghosts of TravCon Past, The Ghost of TravCon Present, The Ghost of TravCon Future, and The Ghost of OMG You Had Too Many Shots Last Night at TravCon. (Dickens left out that last ghost from earlier drafts.) In this metaphor, Scrooge is just 2020 as a whole.