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Your Atlas W2 and preparing to file your taxes - Atlas All Access 104

It's easy to overlook when you are a traveling healthcare pro and constantly on the move, but don't forget to file your taxes!

April 15th will sneak up on you sooner than you think. Your Atlas W2s are available now, and we've even had a couple of them bounce back to us in the office.

If you haven't gotten yours yet, check out the advice in this episode of "Atlas All Access" to ensure you get all of your tax info prepped this season.

If you have any questions about your W2, you can contact our team at benefits(at) And if you need help with your taxes, consult a tax professional.

Rich Smith: April 15th is right around the corner. On this episode we talk about all about your W-2's with benefits administrator, Kendra Kripal.

Kendra Kripal: Hi.

Rich Smith: Atlas All Access starts now.

Rich Smith: Kendra, welcome back.

Kendra Kripal: Thank you.

Rich Smith: So I generally only call you in here when we have like fun benefits stuff, right?

Kendra Kripal: Yes, that's true.

Rich Smith: So, okay. So let's talk about ... W-2's went out two weeks ago?

Kendra Kripal: Last week.

Rich Smith: Last week in the mail. Okay, so W-2's went out in the mail. We've had a handful of them return so far. That's the struggle, I think, part of with traveling healthcare professionals is you move around so much. Right? And so the address we had six months ago probably isn't the address that we've got for you right now.

Kendra Kripal: Correct.

Rich Smith: So there are multiple ways to access your W-2. Let's talk first about the one that you got in the mail. So we just sent that out. You should have it in your hands right now. Right? Okay. So, and I think you could go into a little more detail about that.

Kendra Kripal: Well basically it's the form that you're going to file with your taxes that you send to the IRS that reports your income. And it'll have your gross income, it will have your social security benefits, the FICA, all the taxes that were taken out. So all this information is going to be on that W-2 and you're going to report it to the government.

Rich Smith: So now the second form too, we're still under the Affordable Care Act.

Kendra Kripal: Yes.

Rich Smith: Is it the ...

Kendra Kripal: 1095.

Rich Smith: Is that what it is?

Kendra Kripal: It's the 1095. Yes.

Rich Smith: Okay. So you still get that. So if you had our health insurance, you'll get that form as well showing that you were covered while you were employed by us.

Kendra Kripal: It's actually going to be ... it's sent to all employees whether you had insurance with us or not. And what it does is it shows the months that you were covered or the months that you were not covered. It's a reportable form, not reportable. Excuse me. It's a form that every employee gets, not just the ones who are enrolled.

Rich Smith: And that needs to go with that, when you do your taxes.

Kendra Kripal: Actually it does not.

Rich Smith: Oh.

Kendra Kripal: So right. So the 1095-

Rich Smith: Why are they sending it out still then?

Kendra Kripal: Because we're still under the guise and we're still in kind of a process of figuring out whether the ACA was legit or not. And so until they make an absolute decision on it, these forms which were supposed to be reportable and turned in with your income taxes are still being generated, but you do not have to file anything with them.

Rich Smith: Okay.

Kendra Kripal: So that's easy. One less form to file.

Rich Smith: There you go. I think if anything, what I've learned over the years, especially doing this is we don't have all the details. Ask a tax professional.

Kendra Kripal: Yes, that is correct.

Rich Smith: Whoever does your taxes, right? Ask them.

Kendra Kripal: Yes, correct. Don't ask your sister, your brother, your mother, your father, unless they're actual accountants. Don't ask for tax advice except for from a tax professional.

Rich Smith: Or your recruiter. Don't ask your recruiter.

Kendra Kripal: Don't ask your recruiter, no.

Rich Smith: Now they may help you with other stuff, not your taxes.

Kendra Kripal: Right, correct.

Rich Smith: So, okay. So the second way and probably the way that I prefer it anymore is on ADP.

Kendra Kripal: Correct.

Rich Smith: So let's walk through that. How do you access that form there on ADP.

Kendra Kripal: So with ADP, once you log in ... you should have already registered. If you're an employee of Atlas Med staff, you should already have registered because this is how you get your pay stubs and your benefits information. So once you log in, from the homepage, you will click the my tab and it'll give you a drop down box. You click pay and then you move over to annual statements. You click that and it'll have your 2019, 2018, any years that you've worked with Atlas, it will have those. So you click on the 2019. Once you do that, it pops open the version that you can print or download or whatever you want to do with it.

Rich Smith: And so you can do it right from your phone as long as you have-

Kendra Kripal: You should be able to do it from your phone. Yes.

Rich Smith: Air print capabilities, I assume.

Kendra Kripal: Yes. That is correct. Yes.

Rich Smith: Awesome.

Kendra Kripal: Yes.

Rich Smith: Or if you're logging in through ADP on your laptop, then you can obviously print from there.

Kendra Kripal: Correct, yeah.

Rich Smith: It may be a little bit easier.

Kendra Kripal: Yes. But yeah, that's the preferred method, especially if you haven't received it within the next probably week or so, definitely try going there. And if you need to have your password reset, if you don't remember your password or username, we can always give you that information. Just send an email to and I'm more than happy to help you get logged in or get you registered or whatever you need.

Rich Smith: That was my last point actually.

Kendra Kripal: Oh, I'm sorry.

Rich Smith: You stole my thunder.

Kendra Kripal: I'm sorry I do that a lot.

Rich Smith: Yeah. If you do have any questions, is exactly where you can go to get help.

Kendra Kripal: To get help. Yeah. To get assistance. No tax advice.

Rich Smith: No tax advice, no. You man that inbox though.

Kendra Kripal: I do man the inbox, yes. Correct.

Rich Smith: So it's actually manned by a person here at Atlas, it isn't outsourced someplace else or whatever.

Kendra Kripal: No, you will get me. That is correct.

Rich Smith: There you go.

Kendra Kripal: Kendra Cripel.

Rich Smith: Yeah, so if you're mad-

Kendra Kripal: Hashtag benefits administrator.

Rich Smith:

Kendra Kripal: Thanks a lot. And here's Rich's phone number.

Rich Smith: Well there you go. They all have my phone number, just get on the website.

Kendra Kripal: That's true. Darn it.

Rich Smith: Okay. So in conclusion, then. You got the paper one coming.

Kendra Kripal: Yes.

Rich Smith: You can get it on ADP right now.

Kendra Kripal: Yes.

Rich Smith: If you have questions,

Kendra Kripal: Correct.

Rich Smith: Those are your three.

Kendra Kripal: Those are the three main items. Seek help from a tax professional and file by April 15th.

Rich Smith: There you go. There you go. Okay. So those three things, if you need anything, Right there for you for Kendra to help you out.

Kendra Kripal: Yes, absolutely.

Rich Smith: Awesome. All right.

Kendra Kripal: All right. Thank you so much.

Rich Smith: That was easy.

Kendra Kripal: Yeah it was.

Rich Smith: All right.

Kendra Kripal: Easier than taxes.

Rich Smith: Hopefully your taxes are easier, easy.