A Beer With Atlas
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Alien IPA from Sierra Blanca Brewery - Beer With Atlas 86

We're digging this Roswell-themed Alien IPA from Sierra Blanca Brewery sent to us from one of our travelers.

Shantelle Medlin snagged these while on assignment at Artesia General Hospital in New Mexico. Shantelle is a CSFA (Certified Surgical First Assistant) and she got as big a kick out of these funky beers as we did. (She also hooked us up with some "Outer Space Vodka"!)

Near the famed Roswell UFO crash location, this is a region full of all sorts of kitschy alien gimmicks and roadside attractions. We discuss alien conspiracies, and which type of "classic" alien abduction would be the worst to go through as we get into this IPA.

We can't quite say this brew is out of this world, but it's a fun regional take on the granddaddy of alien conspiracy theories. After our fourth bottle, we actually thought we saw something in the night sky, but it was probably just swamp gas reflecting off of Venus.

We love trying out your regional craft beer discoveries from your travels. Thanks for sending this one to us, Shantelle!