A Beer With Atlas
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Drown Out 2020 - Beer With Atlas 123 - the original travel nurse craft beer podcast

What's the best way to drown out 2020? By honoring the sacred tradition of clearing out our office beer fridge.

This week we highlight a Skyway Saison from New Jersey Beer Co., the Famous Golfer, a brew by Cosmic Eye Brewing from Lincoln, Nebraska, and then we round it out with a Fest Bier by 4 Hands Brewing out of St. Louis.

2020 has had its ups and downs (and then more downs), but nothing beats a good time hanging out with friends over a cold drink.

We hope your new year kicks off with a great start -- and if that start is quiet and uneventful at home while you knock back a few and binge-watch Netflix, what's wrong with that? Sounds relaxing to us.