A Beer With Atlas
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Major Lager from Brew Kettle Brewery - A Beer With Atlas 80

You don't need the might of Jobu behind you to enjoy this Major Lager beer from The Brew Kettle Brewery out of Ohio.

The crew forgets about the curveball as they throw straight heaters down the middle to discuss the magic of a cold beer and baseball -- so much baseball!

Our thanks to Thomas Piper from Scrub Squad 1978 for sending us this gem of 80's pop-culture that's wrapped up in a tribute to baseball and beer.

We promise we didn't put snot on the can, but we've got Atlas uniforms and everything as we cover the bases *and* this beer from Brew Kettle.

Some small craft beers never had a prime, but Brew Kettle is throwing some solid pitches with this one. And they didn't even get the live chicken.

Is this brew the beer you've been waiting your whole life for? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe it's juuuuust a bit outside your typical ballgame night beverage. But if you belly up to this episode of "A Beer With Atlas", we'll pour you a nice dose of audio satisfaction while the bartender gets Jobu his refill. (And hats for bats. Keeps bats warm.)

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