A Beer With Atlas
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Omnipollo ice creamy white chocolate mango triple IPA - Beer With Atlas 135 - travel nurse podcast

If someone told you they were going to serve you "Omnipollo ice creamy white chocolate mango" what would you guess they are going to give you?

Surprise! It's a triple IPA craft beer from Omnipollo brewing in Sweden. Rich found this dessert beer gem in Colorado and brought it back for our Beer Crew to try.

Is it a snack? Is it ice cream? Does it count for your food-pyramid-required-fruits-and-vegetables for the day? (We vote yes.)

We dive into white chocolate, mangos, and Mango (the SNL character played by Chris Kattan), not to be confused with Mongo from Blazing Saddles.

This beer is all over the place. It's an absolute cacophony of strangeness. And it kind of works.

What's the strangest beer you have found or tried?

Let us know! 

Side Note: "Mongo's Horse Punch" would be a great name for a craft beer. Brewers, call us.