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The Best Hazy IPA in Arizona | Hop Chowder by Goldwater Brewing vs. False Promises by Fate Brewing - A Beer with Atlas 193

One of our Travelers and her husband came down to our Arizona meet and greet about a month ago, and gave us a beer. While handing over Goldwater Brewing's Hazy IPA "Hop Chowda," they exclaimed that it was the "best Hazy IPA in Phoenix." During the same exchange, Dolan, one of our Brand Specialists, said "Really? Even better than Fate Brewing's "False Promises?" Brought to you by Traveling nurse, Heather Campbell and her husband, Tory Campbell, this is "Hop Chowda" vs. "False Promises." - The Battle of the Arizona Hazy IPAs. Who wins? Listen to find out as Rich and Brian, who have never had either beer, blind taste test them on this episode of "A Beer with Atlas." A friendly "Beef" between travelers and their agency. Jokes aside, shout out to Heather and Tory. They are super amazing people and we are so very thankful for their friendship and the beer. Keep killing it guys, we are enjoying all of the posts during your travel adventures.

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