A Beer With Atlas
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The Tangalorian Tangerine Sour, Frothy Beard - Beer With Atlas 114 - travel nurse craft beer podcast

You may think creating a great craft beer that is a sour, infused with tangerines, "Star Wars"-themed, *and* crammed into a tall boy is impossible.

It's not impossible. We used to knock back 20 oz. cans in our F150 back home, they're not much bigger than a tall boy.

Join us as we dive deep into two of our favorite things: Star Wars and enjoying a good craft beer with friends. This Tangalorian Tangerine Sour from Frothy Beard doesn't just give us an excuse to talk about "Star Wars", it also gets us even more pumped for Season 2 of "The Tangalorian" -- er, "The Mandalorian".

Relaxing and chatting over a cold craft beer with friends?
This is the way.
I have spoken.