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"Theory Of Chaos" By Chaos Mountain Brewing - Beer With Atlas 117

We've climbed a mountain or two of beer challenges in our day, but we've never tackled a craft beer like this "Theory of Chaos" brew from Chaos Mountain Brewing.

Dropping in at a hefty 18% alcohol content, this beer is the strongest we've ever featured on the podcast.

This hardcore brew may not leave us quaking At The Mountain of Madness (anyone?), but a few of these may lead you to believe you can solve chaos theory on a bar napkin.

Shout out to Atlas recruiter Ronnie Robinette who found this gem in Roanoke, Virginia, and immediately thought of sending it to the boys at the home office — whether out of joy or revenge, we're still not sure.

Get to know Travel Nurse Recruiter Ronnie Robinette:
>> Ronnie >> https://tinyurl.com/wmggej7