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For the past few years we’ve watched our industry grow at breakneck speed. It’s been a great time on both sides of the equation. But how long can this last…and what happens when it slows down?

I’ve heard recently that the slowdown has begun. If you look at the publicly traded companies in our industry, they are reporting what amounts to a mixed bag. So, what is the truth? Where are we now?

If there is one thing I’m COMPLETELY sure of through all of this…the industry has changed. How we communicate has changed. Change, change, change. And as much as I like my routine, I freaking love change! (It wasn’t always like that.) Modern change is bringing us together in ways we never thought possible. Change is forcing the old guard into the light. Maybe they change too. Maybe they don’t. One this is certain though. If they don’t change, they will die. History has shown that companies in every industry that cannot grasp the power of change are soon left behind. The landscape is littered with dead companies that refused change. Tried and true is over. The market will pass you by if this is your methodology. Same with nurses in our industry searching for their next contract. You have to adapt. The world has changed. Have you changed with it?

I understand you can’t automate the human touch. However, we can use technology to communicate more effectively. I also understand I’m starting to sound like Rocky Balboa at the end of Rocky 4. But at one point in my life I resisted change like it was grim death. Now, change is part of what I do every day. I learned to accept it, then I learned to love it. Change isn’t easy, it’s inevitable, and it will pass you by if you don’t accept it.

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