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We understand there a lot of choices for temporary staffing out there. We also understand you have limited time to make those choices. Let us show you the Atlas Difference. Atlas offers dedicated Client Managers for both nursing and allied health staffing. One point of contact, making the process as easy as possible.

Steve Seitner

Director of Staffing – Client Management

Atlas was born from a vision that processes in the travel nursing industry were fundamentally broken. Recruiters acting as client managers, working both sides of the equation, simply doesn’t make sense. In order to fully serve our client hospital’s needs, we knew the approach had to be different. Atlas employs client managers whose only purpose is to communicate with our hospital and vendor partners. They work hand in hand with our recruiters to find the absolute best candidates for the open positions we are tasked to fill. This separation gives each department the focus they need to be the very best. This isn’t just our opinion; we have the recognition to prove it. Staffing Industry Analysts named Atlas MedStaff the Fastest Growing Staffing Company in the Country for 2018. That’s not an accident. That’s a laser-focused dedication to our nurses and the hospitals we staff.

Paul Elam, PTA

Director of Staffing – Allied Division

Our industry has changed. Our client hospitals and vendor partners have changed. So naturally, we changed. Paul Elam began his career as a PTA in the Air Force. After serving, he resumed his therapy career in the civilian world. After a few years, he joined a staffing company and started their therapy division. In the mid-2000s, he felt the pull back to clinical life, and he went back to his therapy roots as a Director of Rehab. In 2018, Atlas came calling. Understanding that we don’t know what we don’t know, Paul was a natural fit. His knowledge of the allied health and therapy world combined with his staffing experience instantly made Atlas stronger. Who better to run a department than someone who was in the trenches doing the job? The Atlas Allied Health Division is staffed by some of the best recruiters in the industry – recruiters that understand the needs of our client hospitals and vendor partners. The Atlas Way isn’t exclusive to travel nursing. It’s a path that every health care professional can follow; a path that leads to adventure for our travelers, and success for our client partners.

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