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I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll say it again. Nurses are a special kind of person. I’ve met many over the years and they all have the same things in common. Toughness, kindness, empathy. A nurse can handle so many things being thrown at them at once and come out with a smile on her face. It’s a skill, almost an art. It’s what makes nurses so amazing.

There is a part of travel nursing that has to be difficult though. Working with people, getting to know them, making friends, and then leaving. I’m the type of guy that likes people around. I like the noise of the office. It’s the people that make it special for me. Now I understand, not everyone is like me. And travel nurses have a thick skin when it comes to their job. Get in, do the work, move on. It’s part of the fabric of the industry right, you can do anything for 13 weeks?

Maybe that’s what makes social media special? It’s not really the same as seeing someone every day, but it’s still a way to keep up. It’s how I connect with all of you, and most of you have never met me. I can tell you this though, what you do is not lost on me. I understand in a deep and meaningful way. That’s why Atlas is the way it is. I can promise you, that will not change. The work you do and the relationships you build while out one the road holds a special place with me.

So please, keep in touch. Keep building those relationships while you are out there on the road. Stay connected.

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