Heather JamesRecruiter


Toll Free: 855-8842360 ext. 3164
Direct Line: 321-961-4499 

Why did you choose Atlas MedStaff 

Loved the culture and opportunities that come with the job. Insanely positive internal recommendation helped as well. 


I have one son, Clay, who is headed to Miami in the fall. GO CANES! I have a roommate, Brittany, who thankfully cooks all of us dinner because I have zero cooking ability. Also, excited to work with my family member, Hannah Bryant, here at Atlas!


My girls, Tennley and Tanner, are considered dogs by some, just not me. Also,
a stray cat decided to make my garage her home so we have a cat named PK (Pretty Kitty).


HUGE fan of NCAA athletics…Saturdays are reserved for football. All day. Once
football season is over, I shift to my Lady Vols. Live for March Madness. Glued to college softball in May & June. I enjoy my bikes, my kayak, HGTV, Food Network, NETFLIX, ESPN, 

Top three things on your Bucket List:

1. Watch my son play college football (THIS. IS. HAPPENING!!!)
2. Wrigley Field in the Spring while ivy is dead then in the summer when the ivy is back.
3. Bike Ireland

Favorite Quote:  

“Make each day your masterpiece” – Coach John Wooden 

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