The Atlas Life

The Atlas Life #33 - Eve Moser, Traveling Tele PCU Stepdown Nurse

On this week's episode of The Atlas Life, we meet with Eve Moser, a tele/PCU step-down RN, and her RV traveling family.

Heather Kylen: So the first time I actually met Eve was, we were coming from Reno over to the Oakland game and we went to the Oakland A's versus the Astros. She brought her son and her husband all the way from Fresno, which is where they were at to Oakland. So we all hung out for that whole afternoon and had a blast together.

Heather Kylen: Me and Eve's common ground are our kids and our husbands. Like we just love them to death and when I saw a picture of her son Junior, I think they're identical. I know they probably look nothing alike, but both of them are long hair, very sweet personalities, just very giving people and adventurous. So we have a lot of conversations about that and actually my son cut all of his hair off on accident and I called Eve like, "Oh my God, you'd never guess what happened." And because of that she said that Junior was going to cut his hair. I think Grayson gave him a little bit of umph to maybe cut it. I don't think he's cut it yet, but he was talking about doing it and you can see his hair. It is so long. He is a nomad and I just absolutely love having her. She's an amazing nurse.

Eve Moser: Hi, I'm Eve Moser and I'm going to introduce my husband.

Charles Moser: Charles Moser.

Eve Moser: He goes by Mike, his middle name and then we have Junior Moser, our son. When we made a decision to travel, we did decide to do it in an RV. We wanted to have our home on wheels with us so we didn't have to go to apartment to apartment with our son. We wanted to have him have his routine and normalcy. Him having his own room and things like that.

Eve Moser: Working with Heather, I was referred to her by another traveler nurse that I met in San Jose last year and she had signed up with a travel contract with her and we spend about 30 45 minutes on the phone. I answered her questions, she answered mine and was so relaxed and I did love that she's a nurse and it's gone really well. I mean her communication with me is great.

Charles Moser: Nothing but good things to say about Heather. Probably space would be the-

Eve Moser: Space.

Charles Moser: ... most difficult thing to adjust to. I know that was personally for me my biggest adjustment, and not to get too personal, but you know the bathroom is still an adjustment. We're Going on three years. I don't know if you ever get totally used to that, but it's definitely brought us closer together.

Eve Moser: Oh definitely. Definitely.

Charles Moser: And I would say that's probably one of the biggest pros to what we do is travel as a family is the closeness that we all have.

Eve Moser: Our son has always wanted to be homeschooled, so it's definitely a benefit for him and it's brought them closer from working his 18 hour days, five days a week that he used to work. He is a stay at home dad now and with travel nursing we're able to do that in a one income family.

Charles Moser: Traveling together really eliminates outside distractions that normal families run into because we are so committed to each other. If we didn't have full commitment from every one of us, then this would not work.

Junior Moser: Honestly, I didn't know what to expect really. I didn't know what we were going to do exactly. I've honestly never even heard of an RV before. Like I didn't know. Yeah, I didn't know what we were going into, but I was with it. When you get to see so many things that you don't get to see if you're living stationary in a house, that I would definitely pick this for sure.

Charles Moser: To sit here and tell you that it was an easy process to go through or it's still an easy way to live would be a total lie, but I cannot imagine living my life any other way now.

Eve Moser: The places that we've been able to go see, I can't wait to get back on... You know, when I get into a contract, I'm like, "Okay, two weeks has gone by. Okay, I'm ready for the next contract. Let's move on." We're ready to go. We get antsy, we're like, we're ready for the next adventure. It's so exciting. I have been able to meet and make new friends. I love change. I love learning. So like every place I go, there's different things that you learn at the different places.

Charles Moser: Definitely, we want to be in Alaska next year, but that's our main goal and we're trying to work towards that. Like I said, the unknown is what keeps it exciting for us. So we don't really know.

Eve Moser: We plan on doing this for years. We plan on doing this until after he graduates school and does his thing. But yeah. This is our lifestyle now.