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The Atlas Life #46 - Caitlyn Willis, Traveling Mother-Baby Postpartum RN

Meet Caitlyn Willis - a Mother-Baby Postpartum travel RN currently on assignment in Pennsylvania! Learn more about her in today's episode of The Atlas Life.

Becca Jaquis: Today's Atlas life, we're talking about Caitlyn Willis. And I meet Caitlyn, let's see, she was a referral actually through Brandy Lau. Brandy is awesome. She's out in California. She's a CV ICU. Caitlyn is, however Mother-Baby Postpartum.

Becca Jaquis: She's a super great nurse. She's super fun. She's young. She loves her cat. She loves her dog. She's close to her family and her parents. But we hit it off on a whole... We share the same things that are important to us. We have a lot of serious talks.

Becca Jaquis: I would consider Caitlyn an ambassador for Atlas. She's a super hard worker, but she's always willing to kind of just hunker down. She's a trooper. She gets her compliance in right away and she sends me some good referrals. So we love Caitlyn and I think that the Atlas Life segment that she's going to do, once we see that, it's going to be awesome and I'm super excited for her and to keep traveling with her. She's a lifer.

Becca Jaquis: Caitlyn knows, and most of my nurses know, we end up talking about this. I don't know why it kind of comes back around, but I am not a fan at all of any thing, ghost, specter, apparition-related at all. But it is interesting because I went to the A1 conference a couple of years ago in New Orleans, and this is a city that has a lot of that type of thing happening, and we actually did do a haunted tour. Ask Canox, I was freaking out. I was like, if I see or hear anything, I'm gone.

Becca Jaquis: Caitlyn has some stuff that she has definitely come across, and she shared various different things, and she said Gettysburg, which a lot of people I think knew this already, but considering the past that Gettysburg has with our country, she said that you cannot go to hardly any bed and breakfast, hotel, of course, the field that the fighting was on, and various different landmarks and so forth, without just getting a little bit of that eerie feeling. And she said her brother has had an encounter, and she was telling you about it. As she's telling me, I'm like, stop, stop. I don't want to hear anymore. This is too scary. I don't like it. But she's super cool and I'm so thankful for her, for of course, all my nurses. But again, Caitlyn is someone I think that really is a good plug for our company. She a very hard worker and loves Atlas.

Caitlin: Hi, my name Caitlyn. I am a Postpartum, Mother-Baby Nurse and I have been traveling since this past June, so about six or seven months. I was a nurse on the floor for about four years, and I had been to Kenya in June of 2011. Got the travel bug then. I just kind of decided, hey, you know, things are changing in my life. I'm not happy with being a staff nurse anymore. I want to get out. I want to see the country. And so that's when I got into traveling.

Caitlin: The best part about traveling nursing, is getting to experience different cultures and people, see different places, just kind of broadening my horizons. Typically, I'm a more laid back homebody. And so kind of forcing my way to get out of the house, and go experience new things, and learn how to be independent was a great aspect and something I continue to enjoy about it.

Caitlin: You know, sometimes it comes along the normal road, hence why I haven't traveled. You can be by yourself and do things by yourself, and traveling can be fun. You don't have to have somebody with you. It's nice if somebody wants to come visit, but you know, it's a cool way. It's everything.

Caitlin: I'm amazed at the growth personally that has come from this. More personally, but even professionally it has made me a much better nurse having to go and just, you know, wing it after two days of orientation. But it's boosted my confidence and it's definitely nice to interact with people of all ages and stages and races, and all of that.

Caitlin: I would love to get out to Vegas. I just think that that'd be a cool place. I'd love to pop into Nebraska and actually come meet you guys. Becca has never steered me wrong. She's always been honest. You know, we've had hour long conversations. It's why I try not to call her too often. But she knows where I would like to go, what I would like to do and kind of tries to call me out as best she can, and we'll just see what happens from there.

Caitlin: So I was in DC before this. That was a contract I got with you guys. Rebecca was awesome. And I said, oh you know it's homey, I'm going to go do this haunted ghost tour thing down in Old Town Alexandria, because that's where I was staying was Alexandria. And so we just got to talking, and sometimes Gettysburg would come up as a possible place to do a contract. And I said, oh, you know, Gettysburg's haunted, it'd be pretty cool to see if like I got an apartment, if it would be haunted. So, it became like a whole different thing. And she's like, I may have to come out there and you can take me around and we can do this. I'm like, come down anytime.

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