The Atlas Life

The Atlas Life #60 - Melissa Barnes, Traveling MRI Tech

Meet Melissa Barnes, our first featured travel tech on #TheAtlasLife! Melissa is on her way to Minneapolis, and someday, might want to be a recruiter as well.

Jennifer Fuller: We actually just started talking about it after... She was just recently here for the conference that was in Omaha and kind of talked about it and showed interest in it, and I think she'd be great at it for sure.

Melissa Barnes: Yeah, I specifically came down to see if there were options or opportunities for that avenue in radiology, if that were something that were feasible.

Jennifer Fuller: Yep.

Jennifer Fuller: I am Jennifer Fuller. I am a recruiter here at Atlas Med Staff, and I have been here a year and a half.

Melissa Barnes: I am Melissa Barnes, and I am a MRI Traveling Tech. I have been traveling for two years, but I've been a tech for 14 years.

Melissa Barnes: I believe on LinkedIn, or was it Indeed?

Jennifer Fuller: It was Indeed. It was a job that we had posted on Indeed, and she applied for it on Indeed. We've actually been talking for a while. It's been a little bit.

Melissa Barnes: Yeah, probably about four months or so.

Jennifer Fuller: Yep.

Melissa Barnes: Well, I've started traveling because I was a single mom. I decided that when my children graduated and moved out and got on their own, what was I going to do with my life? So, I decided I probably may not have the finances to go see different places and vacations. So, I thought the best way to do it would be to travel and get the experience of traveling as well and learning.

Melissa Barnes: The best part of traveling is probably just getting to see different parts of the country and meeting all the fantastic people at work and outside of work. Just all the adventures.

Melissa Barnes: I think the worst part of traveling is you're always the kid right out of school. You know, always a new day, first day of class. And to be working for them and not for them to expect you to just come in and take over. I want to work and do what they need me to do.

Jennifer Fuller: As a team [crosstalk 00:02:07].

Melissa Barnes: Yes. Yep. Best experience so far, I guess I would have to say it would have been out in Colorado. The hospital seemed more like a hotel than a hospital. It was the setting of the mountains and-

Jennifer Fuller: So pretty.

Melissa Barnes: Oh, yeah, every day. And every day after work, I went to the hot springs.

Jennifer Fuller: Oh, my.

Melissa Barnes: That was awesome.

Jennifer Fuller: Where was that at in Colorado?

Melissa Barnes: Glenwood Springs.

Jennifer Fuller: Oh, my gosh.

Melissa Barnes: The different equipment. Basically growing up Siemens and when I went out I went straight into Toshiba and then GE. Probably after the first whole year, I got back into some Siemens. It's the equipment and learning different protocols, just adapting to whatever the hospital's needs are.

Melissa Barnes: Well, my next adventure will be in Minneapolis. I expect to be done with there at the end of July, beginning of August, and then futuristically Jen's going to send me to Hawaii.

Jennifer Fuller: Or Alaska.

Melissa Barnes: And Alaska and or whichever one comes first, and then possibly a chair right beside her or at my home as a recruiter from home. I guess as a traveler, I see some of the things that I would struggle with in this setup in getting the first-day information. I think I would be a good advocate for "You're struggling with this. I know what that's like, and I'll be right back with you. I'm not going to leave you alone." Just being there for them, and if they go to a place that they have difficulties making sure that you have their back and that kind of stuff.

Jennifer Fuller: Yeah, been there, you've done it. I mean, you've seen the different ways hospitals do things.

Melissa Barnes: Yeah, and I think that the people and travelers that I've met, I can maybe bring them on board.

Jennifer Fuller: Yep.