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Traveling Med Surg RN, Lynley Thowson - The Atlas Life #79

Meet Lynley Thowson, a Med Surg/Ortho/Tele travel nurse. She and her recruiter, Colleen Fritsche, were able to meet up in Las Vegas for #TravCon and talk about her travel experience with Atlas! Learn more about her in today's episode of #TheAtlasLife.

Colleen Fritsche's Bio Page:

Lynley Thowson:     It worked out perfect to be honest.

Colleen:            Yeah, absolutely.

Lynley Thowson:     Do you feel the same way?

Colleen:            Oh, I do. I do. She's been with me for two years in October.

Lynley Thowson:     Yeah. Exclusive.

Colleen:            Exclusive. Yep. So she's very, very loyal [crosstalk 00:00:14]

Lynley Thowson:     I hand Colleen's card out to everyone.

Music:              [music]

Colleen:            Hello. I am Colleen. I am a recruiter for Atlas.

Lynley Thowson:     I'm Lynley and I am a nurse. Med surg, ortho, and neuro and tele nurse for Alice. I met Colleen through Facebook from another nurse that was recommending her. So I immediately texted her and we began our wonderful relationship.

Lynley Thowson:     I'm a travel person. I have wanderlust. What better way to to make money and meet new people and travel the U.S. I hate sitting still. The best part about traveling is meeting new people. My favorite thing - I've met so many friends along the way. Coleen's now a really good friend and takes my texts at all hours because she loves me.

Lynley Thowson:     I feel like we've formed a really good friendship. I guess it was, I feel like it was a match made in heaven.

Colleen:            Great. Agree.

Lynley Thowson:     But not so great part as leaving my family, to be honest. Just getting in the groove with people and meeting new people and becoming part of the group is hard. Since I'm a little bit older it's harder for me to fit in with all the younger crowd, but I do, I feel like I get along with everybody...

Colleen:            Definitely, definitely. Lynley is amazing. She's willing to go anywhere. She's flexible. I mean I can't say enough good things. Every facility asks her to extend...Wherever she goes, everyone loves her. She's very social so she always finds a million friends and then that's what makes it hard to leave for her. And she's like, Oh my God, I just made all these friends and now I have to leave.

Colleen:            Ten years of experience. She's very well rounded. She can do basically anything. She's flexible to shift. She's usually flexible to location, so it's easy. She really wanted to do Cali for this next contract, and it was a lot tougher. We submitted a to a lot of jobs, but we finally got her one right before we came here on Thursday. She's just, she's an easy sell.

Lynley Thowson:     I have a whole list. And I haven't gotten to really any of them yet, but...

Colleen:            Michigan...

Lynley Thowson:     Alaska...

Colleen:            Come visit me in Michigan..

Lynley Thowson:     Alaska... Seattle for Seahawks games. Maine, I want to go to Maine and Hawaii.

Lynley Thowson:     Yeah. And Omaha.

Colleen:            Yep. She's going to do one in Omaha before she's done. I already told her that.

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