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Traveling NICU RN, Michelle Chu – The Atlas Life Episode #81

Learn what it's like to be a travel nurse with Atlas MedStaff, how travel nursing is different when your recruiter is your friend, and whether you should pronounce it "gif" or "jif." (You know which is right.)

We caught up with one of our travel nurses at this year's TravCon 2019 to get all the dirt on traveling (and on Braden Boex.)

Braden Boex:        The level of trust between Michelle and I working together I think is refreshing. You don't get that working with everybody. You spend a lot of time trying to build that trust, and once you kind of get there, it's really nice. It's nice working with that level.

Michelle Chu:       You like me. I knew you liked me.

Braden Boex:        You're okay. Hi, I'm Braden. I'm a recruiter with Atlas MedStaff.

Michelle Chu:       Hi, I'm Michelle. I am a travel nurse with Atlas MedStaff. I was referred my another traveler, my friend Kory. She was working with Braden and she talked highly of him, so I thought I'd give him a try. He's not living up to it, but it's okay.

Braden Boex:        Wow. Yikes.

Michelle Chu:       I always wanted to travel. I travel a lot in my personal life, but I wanted to incorporate that into work. After I got enough experience, I decided to sign up with you.

Braden Boex:        Yeah.

Michelle Chu:       See the world, at least the country.

Braden Boex:        Michelle's first interview for her travel job she did in Hong Kong.

Michelle Chu:       I did do it in Hong Kong.

Braden Boex:        Let's not do that again.

Michelle Chu:       Let's not do that again. No, I agree. The best part of traveling would have to be the adventures that me and Kory have been on, and obviously working with Braden and Atlas in general. I don't know what my least favorite thing about traveling is. I guess I couldn't bring my family and friends with me, but they'll still be back in Virginia, so that's okay.

Braden Boex:        And you're making new friends.

Michelle Chu:       I'm making new friends.

Braden Boex:        What is the best part about working with me, Michelle? Tell me. Talk about me.

Michelle Chu:       There are so many.

Braden Boex:        There are. There's so many fantastic things about me.

Michelle Chu:       Braden sends the best, most appropriate GIFs.

Braden Boex:        GIFs.

Michelle Chu:       It's GIFs. He's always there whenever I text him or call him and I need to talk about my bad day. He's a good friend. Don't tell him I said that. He's just good peoples. He's funny.

Braden Boex:        I think working with Michelle is like working with a friend. We don't talk about work all the time. We joke.

Michelle Chu:       Very little, actually.

Braden Boex:        Yeah. We don't talk about work very much at all. Michelle has experience in one of the top level NICUs in the country. She can do just about anything there. She's a adamant advocate for her patients and their families. I haven't heard anything bad about Michelle from anybody that worked with her.

Michelle Chu:       Braden and I talked about possibly San Diego or Colorado, which are two places that I've wanted to go, and there's a lot of things going into play when it comes to my next steps, but somewhere else in California and possibly even... I'm in Northern California right now, so possibly even staying there I'd be open to, but-

Braden Boex:        Nebraska?

Michelle Chu:       Not Nebraska.

Braden Boex:        Omaha, definitely Omaha.

Michelle Chu:       Omaha, Nebraska.

Braden Boex:        Omaha, Nebraska.

Michelle Chu:       My advice would be to be very flexible. Know that things might not fall into place immediately, but they will, and it'll all work out for the best, even if it's an emotional roller coaster at times. I have not heard a bad thing about Atlas when it comes to other travel nurses, which is rare, and they honestly have been so amazing and available and responsive and fun. So, I know I made right decision.

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