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Traveling Nurse, Alexa Jack, PCU Step Down - The Atlas Life #70

On this episode of The Atlas Life, Manager Chris Madrigal sits down with traveling nurse, Alexa Jack while in Seattle for a meet and greet! They have known each other for two years, but due to unfortunate loss, Alexa was not able to do travel nursing until recently. Alexa is a travel nurse currently on her first assignment in Bremerton, WA. Learn more about her in her video!

Manager, Chris Madrigal bio:

Chris Madrigal: Chris Madrigal here.

Alexa Jack: My name's Alexa. This is our first contract together.

Chris Madrigal: First time ever meeting.

Alexa Jack: First time ever meeting.

Chris Madrigal: Two years. Two years.

Alexa Jack: Almost two and a half years, yeah.

Chris Madrigal: Two year and a half year process. Right?

Alexa Jack: I think I contacted Chris like two and a half years ago.

Chris Madrigal: Where were you guys at? Utah?

Alexa Jack: We were in Utah.

Chris Madrigal: Yeah.

Alexa Jack: Chris was the first recruiter that actually called me and you actually sounded invested, like you cared about our interests and nobody else really did. So that was really neat. But then we were driving home from Utah and got back home and my brother had passed, so I was done for awhile.

Chris Madrigal: Colorado, was it?

Alexa Jack: I did take a travel job, but it was a internal one, just because the rest of my family was in Colorado, so I wanted to be with them.

Chris Madrigal: It's a special week. It's actually a very special week for Alexa and her family. She lost her brother, has it been ...

Alexa Jack: Yesterday was two years ago.

Chris Madrigal: Two years. Yeah.

Alexa Jack: So ...

Chris Madrigal: Yeah.

Alexa Jack: I was in-

Chris Madrigal: So this week is really a, you know?

Alexa Jack: Yeah.

Chris Madrigal: Just leading up to it, right? You're counting down.

Alexa Jack: Yeah.

Chris Madrigal: I mean, I have experience with losing my mom. Mom's what, three years ago for me, and in a weird way it was like our friendship just grew and oh by the way, the backdrop of that friendship was work.

Alexa Jack: Yeah.

Chris Madrigal: You know what I mean?

Alexa Jack: Yeah.

Chris Madrigal: It's kind of weird. I'd hope all my travelers feel that way, that hey, if it works out, cool, but if not, the relationship's real.

Alexa Jack: Yeah. We had a lot of it not working out.

Chris Madrigal: Yeah. [inaudible 00:01:49], right?

Alexa Jack: But we're finally here now. So after that I stayed in Colorado for a year and then we worked looking for another one. It didn't work out.

Chris Madrigal: It was at Peace Health?

Alexa Jack: Yeah, I think so, yeah.

Chris Madrigal: Yeah. In, where is that, Portland?

Alexa Jack: Yeah.

Chris Madrigal: Or where was that? Eugene? I don't know.

Alexa Jack: Eugene. And then the stars finally aligned a couple months ago.

Chris Madrigal: You know, it seems like wherever you go, you really tap into nature and activities, like, what is it about that for you, and as a family, like ...

Alexa Jack: I would say it's more about the location and being able to do things outdoors than it is the money, for sure. I mean of course the money is nice, but, when we're looking for an assignment, we're really just looking for somewhere where we will have plenty of opportunities to explore outdoors and camp and hike. My family grew up traveling a lot. We had a camper and we would travel around the US but we weren't hardcore campers. We had a bed in our RV. Casey's from Michigan and I'm from Indiana, and there's, I mean, upper Michigan is pretty, but Indiana is just pretty flat and cornfields, so there's not a ton to do there. But we have just slowly adapted as we've traveled and started doing more and more things.

Chris Madrigal: You nurses are just bad asses, like when you guys decide to do something and live, you guys do it well.

Alexa Jack: Yeah.

Chris Madrigal: I was talking to Dolan about that for some of our colleagues about doing the right thing, being there for nurses. Sometimes it doesn't translate. It's not always about getting a contract. I know that's kind of weird that an agency would say that, but we believe in doing the right thing and so sometimes the stars need to line up and I don't know, like when we were talking about how seeing you just feels so familiar.

Alexa Jack: Yeah. I feel like I've met Chris before.

Chris Madrigal: But so happy. So happy you came out.

Alexa Jack: Me to. Me too. Thank you.

Chris Madrigal: Yeah. Cheers. Love you, girl, I-

Alexa Jack: Here, you need some more?

Chris Madrigal: Yeah, I do.

Alexa Jack: There you go.

Chris Madrigal: We got to remember where we're Segwaying, so ...

Alexa Jack: Can't Segway [crosstalk 00:04:03]

Speaker 3: [crosstalk 00:04:03] responsibly.

Chris Madrigal: Yeah.

Alexa Jack: Yeah.

Chris Madrigal: Then again, we got a helmet.

Alexa Jack: Yeah, you do have a helmet.

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