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Atlas is growing. Again. We are about three weeks away from our third move in six years. I thought it would be fun to recap our growth for everyone outside of Omaha. Here’s a brief history of where we’ve been, and where we are going.

We’ve been in our current office for two years now, the second office for Atlas. Our first office was a modest 1200 square feet. Two years in we knocked down a wall and expanded into the adjacent space, doubling our square footage. We were there until May of 2016, then moved to our current space. It was twice the size, so we signed a three year lease with the impression we could expand. Then the growth really ramped up. So in 2017 we started looking for a new space again. That brought us to 11159 Mill Valley Road. For those of you not from Omaha, the Old Mill area is located at 114th and Dodge. With the westward expansion of the city, it’s become a “midtown” of sorts. Financial giant TDAmeritrade built their corporate headquarters in Old Mill a few years back, revitalizing the area. Our space is on the other side of Dodge Street, in what’s called “flex space”.

We’d never really done anything like this before. The second Atlas office was familiar to us, so that move was easy. We learned from our mistakes in the past, and we swore we wouldn’t make them again. With some help, we learned that offices come in different categories. Super nice high visible buildings are Class A. Those obviously carry a high price tag. Class B office space is a little older, off the main roads, but still nice. We looked at a lot in the B category, but the price was still too high and nothing really fit. It wasn’t that we didn’t want a nice space, it just didn’t make sense for who we are. Class C, or flex space, can operate in a number of different capacities. We wanted a very open, industrial feel. This space carried a price tag we could live with and gave us room to grow for many years to come. It’s nearly complete, and we couldn’t be more happy with what the future holds. We are creating a unique space unlike any other we’ve ever seen in our industry, and we hope that if you are passing through you’ll stop and say hello. We believe it’s the perfect blend of form and function. It’s 100% Atlas, and we can’t wait to show everyone!

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