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TravCon 2016, Atlas launched its most ambitious marketing campaign to date. We were approaching five years in business, and our marketing efforts up to that point were spotty and random at best. #WhereYouBelong started off as a fun slogan on a t-shirt, but evolved into so much more than we could have ever known. What I’ve learned since is that when you find something this meaningful, it can change the entire course of a business.

So what does #whereyoubelong mean? It’s a cool (somewhat long) hashtag and it looks great on a t-shirt. But there is a deeper meaning. More than just a slogan, or t-shirt, or sticker (soon).

One of the main principals at Atlas is if you work hard, you get rewarded. It comes directly from the book Atlas Shrugged. In the book, the author grouped people into two groups: Producers and Looters. Pretty easy concept, and one that struck a chord with us after being in this industry for this many years. So we took that idea and evolved it. After all, we don’t live in a dystopian society like the book. What we came up with was simple:

Work Hard
Play Hard
Be Kind

That’s it. If work hard, love life and what you do, and are kind to others then Atlas truly is “where you belong”. This is all that matters to us. Working hard means getting after it every day, making the most of each and every minute. If you’re a nurse, it’s making patient care your #1 priority, and doing everything you can for that patient. If you’re a recruiter or internal Atlas employee, it’s doing everything you can for the nurse working in the field to make that contract the best it can be. Playing hard is easy. Love life. Put your heart and soul into your family, your friends, your hobbies. Make every minute you have meaningful. Life is short, live it up!

Be Kind is where I believe #whereyoubelong really shines. The first two are important, but without kindness where would we be? Be Kind means being inclusive. Embrace diversity. We’re all different in our own amazing ways. It means going out of your way to make someone smile. Kindness is free. It doesn’t matter how much or little you do, but if you give of yourself and don’t judge others, you’ve accomplished it. We are all in this together, why not find a place #whereyoubelong?

If you have one of our Where You Belong shirts, find us on Instragram, post a picture wearing the shirt wherever you are on contract and tag #whereyoubelong and #travelnurse. And spread the word! Work hard, play hard and be kind!

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