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Your Recruiter Does What?

The following are quotes I frequently hear from numerous travel colleagues, across the country:
“Your recruiter actually cares about you…is that real?”
“They actually remember your birthday?”
“I’m lucky if my recruiter calls me back, within a week.”

The frequency at which I receive comments like these is shocking. After reflecting over these comments, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a MAJOR disconnect between Travel Nurses and Recruiters, across the country.

Why is this problem so prevalent in the travel healthcare industry? It doesn’t have to be like this.

Your Lifeline

My husband and I travel together. Ryan and I love living the gypsy life, as we get to work together and explore various parts of the country that are completely foreign to us. We are blessed with an incredible recruiter and company who make this lifestyle more fulfilling and rewarding than we could ever have imagined. As good as things are now, our past experiences were not always this way. We’re not saying that every other recruiter or company we have worked for in the past was bad. Ryan and I have had many good relationships in our travel career, but there have been a few unfortunate experiences along the way.
If you have been traveling long enough, you probably have had something go wrong with an assignment. Maybe you’ve experienced travel difficulties due to weather, vehicle malfunction or accident. Perhaps you reached your destination and the housing that you had set up fell through, leaving you stranded and scrambling to find a place to stay. Have you had issues with a state licensure board, that has caused your license to be delayed? Maybe you started a contract, only to be assigned to a different unit or different shift than what was originally discussed with the facility in your contract. Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances in your personal life occur, such as a loved one back home becoming ill. Whatever the situation may be, in these crisis-type moments, a recruiter is much like a lifeline. They direct you and give you answers to help you in your moments of trouble, stress, and heartache. The relationship you have with your recruiter can make or break your career as a traveler healthcare worker.

The Disconnect

Most of the time, the relationship between the traveler and recruiter starts off great. You sign your 13-week contract, pack your belongings and head to your new destination. Not long after you start your assignment, you notice that you hear less and less from your recruiter-your recruiter seems to be M.I.A. Maybe you have an issue or question for your recruiter, you send an email and/or leave a voicemail, only to get no reply. Many issues can lead to feelings of being forgotten, which leaves the traveler feeling like just another number in the system, another cog in the machine. This is where personal relationships with the recruiter and company gets lost. What are some of the things that cause this?
In some instances, maybe the traveler is in fact just a number, just someone to place in a location, only to be forgotten about until the contract is ending and the entire process starts all over again. Sometimes only one party is to blame, but sometimes it’s both. Whatever the reason for the disconnect, I believe there is one simple solution: investment.

When Recruiters and Travelers Invest in Each other

Something incredible happens when recruiters and travelers invest in each other: a bond forms and a relationship starts to build. Feelings of trust begin to form, which then lays the foundation for mutual respect. Communications becomes effortless for both the recruiter and traveler, which makes for a much more enjoyable travel experience!
Ryan and I are beyond blessed with our current recruiter, Becca.
Becca embodies all the aspects and characteristics of a truly great recruiter. Her positive attitude, fantastic work ethic, friendly personality and thoughtfulness are just a few of our favorite qualities. Ryan and I have mutual respect and trust with Becca. We know that the communication lines are always open with her. We know that no matter what situation occurs, Becca has our backs. Trust is perhaps one of the most important aspects in the recruiter/traveler relationship. In her words, “…trust leaves no room for shadiness nor deceit.”

Everyone Benefits

The biggest reason we are in the travel healthcare industry, is that we are in the business of caring for people. The patients we care for experience some of the most weak and vulnerable moments of their lives and we get to be a part of their healing. The love and care of other people is the most important part of our industry, it is core mission we all have. So, when travelers and recruiters invest in each other, everyone involved reaps the benefits!
Recruiters, invest in your travelers. Get to really know them. Know their specialties and skill set. Learn their goals, their dreams, the places they desire to see. Remember to check on them, don’t let them feel alone on the road. Text a quick message like, ‘hoping your having a good day’, or ‘happy birthday’. It’s the simple things that show you care, that mean the most to the traveler on the road.
Travelers, invest in your recruiter. Get to know them and form a real working relationship with them. Send them encouraging messages and let them know how much you appreciate all the work they do to help you be successful in this career. Send them the same birthday messages if you know the day, celebrate their accomplishments the way they celebrate yours. Work hard at your assignment representing not only the travel company, but the recruiter who helped place you there. Represent your company with excellence!
We truly believe that the relationship between traveler and recruiter is the backbone of this industry.

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