Why Travel

Travel nurses make more money!

Higher Wages are a not-so-secret benefit with travel nursing. Your wages will vary from assignment to assignment because of cost of living, accommodations, and other variables, but most travel nurses earn a higher wage than a permanent position nurse with similar experience. But it goes beyond higher wages. Travel nurses have fewer taxes levied on their earnings and relocation and housing allotments are tax free.


* 2013 National Average for RNs

Private Housing or Housing Allowance

You get to choose! Atlas MedStaff caters to your personal and financial needs. Your Account Manager, along with our housing division, will assess your specific housing needs and tailor-make your compensation package . All you have to do is decide whether you’d like a fully-furnished apartment or a weekly housing allowance, and we’ll take care of everything else.

Weekly Per Diem

You may qualify for a weekly tax-free per diem to help defray costs with meals, transportation and many other expenses that may incur.


Atlas MedStaff provides full health insurance and dental insurance through Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

Travel Reimbursement

We provide a traveling stipend to help cover travel costs to and from your assignment.

License and Certification Reimbursement

We’ll fully reimburse you for your state licenses and certifications.

Direct Deposit

We offer weekly direct deposits of your paychecks to an account of your choosing.

24/7 Access

Our customer support team is dedicated to helping you, no matter what time of day. We have account executives available if you have any issue or question. Feel free to contact us anytime of the day.

Single Point of Contact

Do you have a favorite Atlas MedStaff Talent Acquisition Manager? You can keep them for every assignment you work with us.

Competitive Compensation Package

We understand the sacrifices you make and we want to make it worth your while. Many staffing companies over-promise and under-deliver when it comes to pay. Let us show you how our compensation packages work for you.