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Atlas MedStaff provides a unique approach to healthcare staffing.

Our beliefs are deeply rooted in everything we do . Honesty, determination, integrity, and pride aren’t just buzz words we use because they look good posted on a wall. They are the values we live by and are evident in the work we do every day.

We start at great and expect more every day. Our team is focused, experienced, and dedicated to providing the ultimate travel experience to every healthcare professional we serve. As a veteran owned business, we honor and respect what it means to serve. We understand the difficult nature of change in the lives of our traveling healthcare professionals and support them throughout the process.


Atlas Difference

The travel nursing industry has evolved and Atlas was born out of that evolution.


Atlas Way

What we believe in just a few simple bullet points.


Code of Ethics

Honesty, Independence, Integrity and Pride aren’t just buzz words.



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There’s more to your contract than work. We can help you get out and explore!


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The Atlas Team

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Adventures in Nursing

Things are moving

Atlas is growing. Again. We are about three weeks away from our third move in six years. I thought it would be fun to recap our growth for everyone outside of Omaha. Here’s a brief history of [...]

Here. Together.

How did we all get here? In just a few days we’ll kick off Nurses Week 2018. As we’ve ordered the cards, packed the gifts, and prepared the contests, I’ve wondered to myself how we all got here. [...]

Living the Atlas Life

What does it mean to “Live the Atlas Life”? In the weeks building up to Nurses Week 2018, we’ll explore what we believe it means. Over the past six years, we’ve been amazingly blessed to meet [...]


Atlas MedStaff was named to the Inc. 500/5000 list of Fastest Growing Private Companies for 2016. The list is published each September by Inc. Magazine. Atlas MedStaff ranked number 46 overall on the 2016 list. That makes us the fastest growing staffing company in the country for 2016. It also means we’re the fastest growing company in Nebraska for 2016. Atlas MedStaff has grown 5229% since 2012.

Atlas MedStaff ranks as the fastest growing staffing company in Nebraska since the Inc 5000 started in 1982. Atlas MedStaff ranks as the fifth fastest growing company in Nebraska in the history of the Inc 5000.

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