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National Food Truck Day | Atlas Eats

🍴 In honor of National Food Truck Day, Atlas recruiters hit the streets in hopes of finding some good food truck food. Boy did they find it. 

At the Truck & Taps patio in Omaha, this gang of recruiters enjoyed munching on bangers & mash, chicken & chips, a Try-It-All meal, and a pulled pork sandwich. All four found the food delicious and loved the variety of the food trucks.

In recent years, the food truck has smashed the stereotype of not being high quality food. Famous chefs and others are abandoning the brick & mortar restaurants of old and are selling their food with this every growing trend.

When on the road or on an assignment, you should check out the local food trucks in your area. There are a plethora of apps that you can use to find them, or look for some of them on Facebook.

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