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We eat 2x Spicy Volcano Ramen, instantly regret it

They say if you can't stand the heat you should get out of the kitchen. But what if the heat is already inside you?

We heat things up during blizzard-like conditions by scorching down some fiery ramen in the office. Good decision? Terrible decision? (Pro Tip: Do not chug the 2x Spicy Volcano Ramen broth.)

Get to know our Spicy Team:
🌶️ Braden Boex 👉
🌶️ Rich Smith 👉

Looking for a nurse recruiter who can handle the heat? We've got you covered. Travel Nurse Recruiter Braden Boex eats this stuff for fun all the time. If you want a recruiter who wont be phased by the hottest situations, he's your guy. Reach out to him at the link above.

BONUS: "2x Spicy Volcano Ramen Broth" is Braden's DJ name.