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Who has the best burger in Omaha? | National Burger Day

This week we ask our crew the question, who in Omaha has the best burger? For our beloved leader Rich, there was only one choice, the Hot Irish Mess from Cunninghams.

Conceived by Cunningham's as a St. Patty's Day treat, this delicious concoction couldn't rest on just being a seasonal selection as it was moved to the every day menu.

Containing Bushmills' sweet and spicy sauce, beer cheese, onion rings, lettuce, and pickles, who wouldn't want to rush over to Cunninghams for this delectable treat.

But we didn't want to leave you just one choice. Included is a list of a few of our fellow Atlanteans top three burger joints. Why not, on National Burger Day, go to one or two of them and help celebrate the holiday!

FUN FACT: Americans eat over 50 billion burgers that originated from Hamburg, Germany and become the burger as we know it when it was developed in Seymour, Wisconsin.