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Joshua Rivera

Joshua Rivera


855-884-2360 Ext. 6286


Why did you choose Atlas MedStaff?

My wife is an experienced travel nurse and has worked with multiple agencies over the years. When she found Atlas, we knew we had found her travel home. They treated her — us — the best out of every agency we had worked with.

I saw first-hand how other companies treated her (and jerked her around). It was the same story over and over. It was impossible to get ahold of her recruiter, there were constant communication issues, there'd be something wrong with her pay, she'd get forced toward assignments that she didn't want — it constantly felt like no one was listening to her.

Until Atlas.

Then, for the first time, she felt heard as a travel nurse.

Her Atlas recruiter was something different. Atlas was something different. And I jumped at the chance to recruit with them.

Seeing everything she had been through, and knowing how awful it made her experience — we knew we could do better.

As a recruiter, I want to help give nurses a voice and better support. I know what it means to my wife, and I know how much it means to travelers.

We have embraced the travel life and committed in a big way: We bought an RV and live full-time on the road. It's amazing to get to see so many beautiful places across the country.

We now have several years of RV travel experience under our belt, and we have been to almost every state, including Hawaii and Alaska.

I want to be able to help others achieve their dreams, the same way Atlas has helped us achieve ours.


My wife


We have a boxer that we recused!


Motorcycle riding, fishing/boating, 2 stepping, being outdoors, and the occasional video game

Any other information you want to share:

We live full time in our RV and hope to settle down in Tennessee. We want to build a barndominium around our RV. We also want to adopt a couple kids within the next 5 years.

Top five things on your Bucket List:

1. Visit every continent. 5 down 2 to go!

2. Base Jump

3. Sail around the world

4. Scuba dive

5. Get my skydiving certification

Favorite Quote:

"To be successful is to be helpful, caring, and constructive, to make everything and everyone you touch a little bit better."

— Norman Vincent Peale