The Travel Nursing Experience: Atlas-Style

Your journey is a puzzle. The company you work for is just a piece of that puzzle.

Maybe who we are fits with what you are searching for.

 The Atlas Difference

The travel nursing industry has evolved, and Atlas was born out of the evolution. Let’s be honest, the old recruiter model is inefficient and no longer represents what you as a professional needs. Nurses are sophisticated consumers. You know how to quickly and effectively research online.

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When it comes to partnering with a staffing firm, you know how and where to do your research. There is a lot of power in that research, and ultimately it will drive your decision on the agency you partner with. Only the best recruiters will earn the trust and respect of the nurses that put their heart and soul into their profession. Our recruiters have to prove themselves, and show they legitimately care about their nurses’ career advancement and growth. Atlas is focused on being the very best at matching great people to great facilities. We have worked very hard to build a brand that emphasizes our ability to eliminate the headaches of the job search and provide our traveling nurses with the very best opportunity available. That means you have your recruiters cell phone number. You’re connected with them via social media (if that’s your thing). And you don’t have to change recruiters if you travel to a different part of the country. That relationship you build with them is more important than some out of date company policy or structure.

Atlas is a veteran owned, mid-sized company. We have always believed in a flat internal business model. We don’t have layers of management sitting in offices collecting big checks, or private equity firm owners only interested in the bottom line. That means better pay for our nurses, more freedom for our recruiters, and a happier work environment for all.

That’s the Atlas Difference. Together we can do amazing things!

Atlas Way

Always do the right thing, no exceptions. Treat each other with respect. Don’t take yourself too seriously but handle yourself in a professional manner.

Ask yourself, how can I help? We are in a business of providing a service – how are you doing at providing that service?

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Stay compliant – with Joint Commission, our client facilities and our nurses in the field.

Be positive. Work hard. Give back. And most of all, have fun.

Sounds simple right? Well it is. That’s who we are.

Code of Ethics

At Atlas, we believe in doing the right thing, for our clients in the field and our internal staff, and we never waiver from that. We believe that the values we have in place as a team internally are what allows us to provide optimal care for our clients, hospitals and healthcare professionals alike. Honesty, independence, integrity, and pride aren’t just buzz words we use because they look good posted on a wall. They are the values we live by and are evident in the work we do every day.

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Atlas MedStaff provides a unique approach to healthcare staffing. We start at great and expect more from every member of our team. A team which is focused, experienced, and dedicated to providing the ultimate travel experience to every healthcare professional we serve. As a veteran owned business, we know what it means to serve, and we proudly serve the men and women in scrubs who make a difference in the lives of patients and their family members every day. We understand the difficult nature of change in the lives of our traveling healthcare professionals and support them throughout the process. Our dedicated staff have proven experience in the industry and provide a solid foundation for healthcare professionals inspired to make a difference in the lives of patients across the country. At Atlas we provide the direction and foundation which allows healthcare professionals to transform their careers.


Full time jobs come with benefits and stability. This is your full time job, we provide the stability. We offer BC/BS health insurance and pick up 40% of the cost for the nurse. We also offer dental and vision insurance, voluntary term life insurance, disability insurance, 401k with matching at 6 months, and a $800 referral bonus (+$200 to the referred friend).

Read more about our benefits here.

Atlas Adventures

Why did you choose travel nursing as your profession? Money? More opportunities? Fun? Necessity? All of the above? Regardless of your reason, the one constant is that you’re in a place you’ve never been before and probably on your own. Why not take advantage of the situation and live it up? That’s Atlas Adventures!

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Do you like hiking, fly fishing or skiing? Maybe you love a certain MLB or NFL team but have never been to their home stadium. How about learning to SCUBA dive, or visiting a national park? Atlas Adventures could be any of these things, or something we haven’t even thought of yet! The beauty is it’s up to you. It’s your contract, let us help you make it memorable.

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