The Atlas Experience

Your journey is a puzzle. The company you work for is just a piece of that puzzle.
Maybe who we are fits with what you are searching for.

Atlas Difference

The travel nursing industry has evolved, and Atlas was born out of the evolution. Let’s be honest, the old recruiter model is inefficient and no longer represents what you as a professional needs. Nurses are sophisticated consumers. You know how to quickly and effectively research online.

Atlas Way

Always do the right thing, no exceptions. Treat each other with respect. Don’t take yourself too seriously but handle yourself in a professional manner.

Ask yourself, how can I help? We are in a business of providing a service – how are you doing at providing that service?

Code of Ethics

At Atlas, we believe in doing the right thing, for our clients in the field and our internal staff, and we never waiver from that. We believe that the values we have in place as a team internally are what allows us to provide optimal care for our clients, hospitals and healthcare professionals alike. Honesty, independence, integrity, and pride aren’t just buzz words we use because they look good posted on a wall. They are the values we live by and are evident in the work we do every day.


Full time jobs come with benefits and stability. This is your full time job, we provide the stability. We offer BC/BS health insurance and pick up 40% of the cost for the nurse. We also offer dental and vision insurance, voluntary term life insurance, disability insurance, 401k with matching at 6 months, and a $750 referral bonus.

Atlas Adventures

Why did you choose travel nursing as your profession? Money? More opportunities? Fun? Necessity? All of the above? Regardless of your reason, the one constant is that you’re in a place you’ve never been before and probably on your own. Why not take advantage of the situation and live it up? That’s Atlas Adventures!

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