• I've been with Atlas MedStaff for 1.5 years now and have nothing but a Great experience with them. My Recruiter has always been available via email, text or phone. Ease of choosing destinations, compensation and benefits and friendliness of the entire staff have made my time here a killer experience! This is the only company I've been with since starting to travel but when talking to other nurses that say they have been through several other companies before landing with Atlas, I'd say I and the Nurses who have switched, have made the best choice!

    Derek Murry
  • After traveling with 2 other companies, (which were top ranked by Nursing travel websites and blogs) i'm getting ready to start my second assignment with atlas. I have NO plans to change anytime soon. I really do feel like part of an award winning team! and not just when times are good. Atlas,  my wonderful recruiter (Bob) and all the support staff have been a wonderful asset to this amazing travel journey. Thanks Atlas for all you do!

    Melissa Schafer
  • I had an excellent travel experience with Atlas in 2015, they got me where I wanted to be and the pay was the best I could find! I ended up extending there, stayed a total of 11 mos. In looking for a follow up assignment, I went with another company, boy was THAT a mistake! I am back with Atlas now, and couldn't be happier. The credentialing is effortless, my recruiter available any time I need an answer. Just can't say enough good about this company!

    Madonna White BSN, RNC-NIC
  • Going Travel Nursing? Trust me, you want to work with people who care, respect your daily struggle at work, and do the best for you by always having your back ... Atlas is the way to go.

    Olivier RN
  • This is my first assignment with Atlas... and so far it has been awesome!!! My recruiter Mike Huff had went above and beyond for me!!! The transition has been as smooth as possible!!! I am truly glad to be a part of the Atlas family!!!

    Norma Lynn Branyon
  • Atlas has been a huge blessing to my family and I. As an Emergency Department Travel RN, husband, and father of two young boys, life can be a bit chaotic. Its nice knowing I have John Miller and Atlas MedStaff  in my corner so that I can focus on what is important to me, my patients and my family.

    Reed Getzke
  • I love Atlas!! As a new traveler I have received nothing but support and kindness throughout the entire process! My recruiter, Misti, has been phenomenal. All of my questions have been answered and my concerns acknowledged. Approachable, available, compassionate are just a few words to describe Misti and the Atlas staff. I feel confident they have my best interest at heart!

    Danyel R.
  • I have been an ER nurse 17 years and a traveler for about 14 of those years. I have worked for many different well-known and popular travel companies, but Atlas MedStaff far surpasses all the rest. My recruiter, John Miller, does little things that make life easier on a traveler, such as contact local real estate agents who can provide a first-hand perspective on safe and clean places to live. Atlas MedStaff also goes the extra mile to get you exactly where you want to be. They also match and surpass other companies pay packages. Getting reimbursed for licensing and education is a guarantee and Atlas MedStaff always backs you on your assignment, versus other companies that leave you on your own to iron out discrepancies. For all these reasons I will always travel with Atlas. Everyone there knows their job and performs expediently. In all my years of travel nursing, Atlas stands apart!

    Ruthann H.
  • As a first time travel nurse I had numerous questions about the process. Out of the two travel companies I contacted, Atlas Medstaff was the most personable. My recruiter, Misti Loughran, answered each question confidently and thoroughly easing my concerns about being ready to start this new adventure. The support from Misti & the behind-the-scenes staff has made it a painless and worry free process. Their support continues even now and I am appreciative and grateful that they are still there in case I need them.

    Ann J.
  • Atlas MedStaff is great! They really care for their burse and go above and beyond. I love my recruiter, but have talked with many others at Atlas and they are all fantastic! If you have a problem, the owners are very down to earth and approachable, so much in fact you can contact them on Facebook! Plus, they give you a completion gift after your first assignment with them!

    Ronnie R.
  • This company is different than any company we have previously worked for. The staff at Atlas has made us feel not just like employees, but as part of the Atlas family. We knew from the very first contact with our awesome recruiter, Brennan Stessman, that we wanted to work with Atlas. We got the chance, while driving through Omaha, to meet Brennan and the rest of the staff and we knew from that moment that we had found the right company. Any issues or questions that we have had during our travels has always been promptly taken care of. As a tenured travelers, we  have worked with different companies in the past. The difference between Atlas and our past experiences are night and day. We love the crew at Atlas and we love working for this company. There is absolutely not enough praises to be said for everyone at Atlas! If you are currently dissatisfied with your current company, do yourself a favor and work for Atlas.  Best travel company hands down.

    Ryan and Amy T.
  • I started traveling last February with just a random company I found while browsing the internet. As a new traveler I had NO IDEA what I was doing. About half way through my assignment, I got to talking with a fellow traveler and learned that my company and recruiter were not doing right by me in many ways. After talking to this other nurse (Joyce whom I look up to so much) and hearing about her company and recruiter (Chris with Atlas) I decided to take a leap of faith and join his team. 3 words....BEST DECISION EVER....from day 1 it has been obvious that he has my best interests at heart and I can't thank him enough for that. He has made this entire contract stress-free, very quick at responding to emails/texts/calls (even when its super late or super early where he is at), and just super friendly and down to earth. Chris I hope you never retire, what would I do without you?!? Thanks for being awesome 🙂

    Ashley Jones L&D
  • I stumbled upon Chris when a friend recommended his company. When I called asking to speak to a recruiter, his response was "Well, you've found one!" We spent the next thirty minutes sharing stories of travels and adventures. He's a travel kindred spirit! Chris worked ruthlessly not only to get me an assignment where I wanted, but to get me a fantastic pay package. Chris is always readily available, and checks in frequently just to say hi. During this contract, I experienced the great Columbia, SC flood and lost my car. Chris was checking in every day just to make sure I was ok and taken care of. Chris is such a personable recruiter and makes you feel like a friend, not a client or number. I've loved my experience with him so far and look forward to more adventures with his help!

    Krystin Bejia ICU Nurse
  • Chris has been amazing. He makes himself available anytime you need him. He makes it clear that he loves his job and has the highest respect for his nurses. I would highly recommend Chris and Atlas if you are thinking of travel nursing!

    Allison Syke Med Surg
  • I have had the pleasure of having this awesome guy as my recruiter at Atlas MedStaff. Chris goes the extra mile in order to make me feel supported. I really enjoy the representation; I feel he is courteous, polite and professional.

    Nycole Cox Med Surg
  • Signing on with Atlas medstaff has been the best decision of my travel nurse life! While my time as a traveler has been short, it doesn't take long to realize what a huge difference working with the right company can make!! The life of a travel nurse can be incredibly stressful, after all, that's why they pay us the big bucks! Having to pack up your belongings, trek across the country, meet new people every 3 months, deal with tons of new policies, and even learning a new charting system can all be entirely overwhelming! The company you work for and the recruiter that you have can totally make or break this experience; they can be the ones fighting for you, standing up for you if the hospital is being less than fair, they can even be the one to get you all of the best assignments or they can be the one you are having to fight to get the money you've worked hard for, not helping you when the hospital screws you over, and doesn't work hard to find the assignments you want but gives you the ones they want you to take instead.Coming from a company where I found myself having to fight for the money I had worked hard for to Atlas where my recruiter, Eric Schied, is constantly telling me ways I can make more money or fighting hard to get me the highest paying assignments and not letting me take an assignment that doesn't pay enough (a number, which was higher than most of my contracts with my last company) to me has been such a breathe of fresh air. In all honesty, I should have been with Eric the entire time. He was the first recruiter to reach out to me as I started my quest looking into travel nursing, he answered all of my questions and was always straight forward in everything; sometimes telling me the brutal truth I hated hearing, but always needed to know! I let someone convince me that going for a smaller, more intimate company would lead to a better travel experience. This was so wrong and I still found myself reaching out to Eric for advice and a better understanding of the industry. Even when I wasn't one of his recruits, Eric was always there to answer my questions and lend a helping hand in any way he could, whether that was just to be someone I could vent to or someone that could help me determine if I was being tricked, he always made me feel like his priority and helped me until my problem was solved! It was this feeling of being well taken care of in an industry that can be so manipulative and cunning at times that ultimately landed me a place with Atlas Medstaff on Team Eric, the best travel nurse company in my opinion (and quite a few other people's opinions too if you do the research)!Not everybody is fit to be a travel nurse, but if you are great with people, love adventure, and love being a nurse, you will absolutely love being a travel nurse. Becoming a travel nurse has opened up my world of opportunties and has helped me to grow in so many ways that I never could have imagined. I have become a stronger, braver person and have learned so much about myself in the process. Sure, there are tough parts of the job, but the fact that I get to go on an extended vacation for my job and I am my own boss (choosing where I want to go and when), really makes it worth any of the stress you may experience. I have been able to make friends in every corner of the country, explore places that most people only see on their bucketlists, and go on adventures I would have only dreamt of in another life or career. I encourage everyone to become a travel nurse and reach to the skies with the potential it puts in your hands. I think of the fears I had that made me hesitate and look back and laugh now at them. I am so happy to have taken this leap of faith and now have one of the coolest jobs in the country (spoken in a true biased opinion, of course)! Let Eric answer all of your questions and take care of you along the way! I promise, you wont regret it!Eric along with Atlas Medstaff have given me the opportunity to conquer many things I never imagined possible! Whether it is driving clear accross the country to a world of unknown, climbing to the tops of mountains, scuba diving to the darkest depths of the oceans or anywhere in between, the possibilities are endless! I am so excited to have the opportunity to be a travel nurse and all of the amazing opportunities that have come along with that!

    Bre Slaughter
    Bre Slaughter Traveling Nurse

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