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Atlas MedStaff is the highest ranked travel healthcare agency by BluePipes

Atlas MedStaff is the highest ranked travel healthcare agency by BluePipes

Atlas MedStaff is the #1 ranked travel healthcare agency, as voted on by real travelers

By Rich Smith

Co-Founder / CMO, Atlas MedStaff

Twelve years ago, when Atlas was just starting out and struggling to make it in the staffing world, the idea of being #1 at anything was just a pipe dream.

But we knew one thing — if the candidate experience was different with us, we would succeed. That meant doing something completely different in the industry: putting our focus — and our dollars — on the traveler experience.

We would allow our recruiters to build genuine relationships with the traveler, giving them the power to make day-to-day decisions based on the best interests of the traveling healthcare professional.

(This is the exact kind of talk that got me in trouble at other agencies earlier in my career — but I thought it was a better way of doing business.)

Atlas used ‘Creating Genuine Experiences with Travelers’ — it was super effective!

Twelve years later, that mindset hasn’t changed, it’s just evolved.

You see, internally we believe that change is arbitrary. Nothing good ever comes from change merely for the sake of change. Evolution, however…. Evolution is necessary. It’s part of life. It’s growth and adaptation. Evolution is real, and if you ignore it, you’ll fail.

Atlas was recently named #1 on the BluePipes list of the Best Travel Healthcare Staffing Companies in the Country.

Not bad for having a wild idea on a different way to do things.

We’ve consistently been in the Top 10 over the years, but never #1.

Other companies who we respect and admire such as Host Healthcare, LRS Healthcare, and Advantis Medical Staffing have been in the same top spot in the past years, while others (last year’s #1) dropped completely out of the Top 10.

Movement within the BluePipes Top Ten List isn’t out of the ordinary; it’s a dynamic list driven by the opinion of the travel healthcare community through sites like Glassdoor, Google, Facebook, Indeed, and Highway Hypodermics. Agencies have NO say in how the ranking shakes out. It’s purely driven by performance, the perception of the traveling healthcare community, and real reviews from real travelers who have worked with those agencies.

How is this tied to evolution? The secret isn’t hard to find. Our move into the #1 spot this year was driven predominately by one factor. Positive Google and Facebook reviews. Now, at face value this might not seem like evolution. But it’s how those reviews got there that was.

Real review from real traveling healthcare professionals

A few years ago, I met Adam Conrad, founder of Great Recruiters. For those of you unfamiliar with Great Recruiters, it’s effectively the Yelp of Travel Healthcare. I instantly saw the value in his product. The nurse/tech/therapist can go online and rate their recruiter much like they would rate an experience at a hotel or a restaurant. It’s not that much of leap, actually. It makes sense that someone figured out a good way to do this in our industry.

Good service isn’t exclusive to the food and hospitality industry. It’s a universal expectation in virtually every interaction you have in your daily life. And with the rise in instant feedback on social media and the whole app ecosystem, it made sense for us to have some early conversations with them.

Great Recruiters simply filled a void in our industry.

The evolution part was a bit more complex, but solved by a simple click of a button when a traveling healthcare professional reviews their recruiter.

Once a review is written, they receive a prompt to either “share to Facebook” or “share to Google”. A scan of our most recent Google reviews will show that they aren’t addressing the company itself, but our recruiters — it’s our team, our staff, and a commentary directly on the relationship they have with their Atlas recruiter. We love that.

And THAT takes me back to the very beginning.

Atlas is NOTHING if our team — if our recruiters — don’t buy into to the traveler experience philosophy.

Clearly, based on our direct traveler feedback, this is happening.

Thank you for making Atlas the #1 ranked travel healthcare staffing agency

The fact that our travelers voted us #1 with their positive reviews throughout the year makes me incredibly proud. Of all the things I get excited to share with my team, this is the one that really pumped me up the second we heard that you voted us #1.

The reason Atlas exists is YOU. Our 200+ crew gets up and is focused on you, on our travelers, on your experience and how we can do things differently.

Sometimes that’s hard to see. I understand that. Sometimes decisions are made that might not always make sense. But there is always a deeper reason, with motivation rooted directly in the traveler experience.

If there wasn’t, we wouldn’t do it. That’s The Atlas Way, and it always has been.

Finally, I want to thank Kyle Schmidt at BluePipes.

His job isn’t an easy one, but he has built an amazing resource for traveling healthcare professionals. We’ve become friends over the years, and I know how amazingly hard he works especially when it comes to this list.

Kyle, from the bottom of my heart, and from everyone at Atlas MedStaff, THANK YOU.

Your hard work is appreciated and admired, and you are an absolute asset to the staffing community.

And if you came here because you are a traveler, and you’re considering what comes next in your journey, we’re happy to help.

We’re thrilled to be voted the #1 travel healthcare staffing agency. And every traveler’s journey is important to us.

Reach out to any of our team, we’ll take care of you.

Editor’s note:

In case anyone wants to question the fact that Kyle and Rich have become friends, we can assure you Kyle would be the first to tell us if we royally screwed up our chances on the list. There is nothing we could do — or any other agency could do — to throw a wrench in his system, and that should mean a lot to the traveler looking for the best travel healthcare agencies to work with.