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Is it ok to use the term ‘Gypsy Nurse’ for ‘travel nursing’? Our answer may surprise you


Embrace being a travel nurse, but not at the expense of others There has been something on my mind for a while. Keep in [...]

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Five-time BluePipes champion — Thank you


What makes an agency one of the best travel nurse companies, and why should you care? BluePipes: Your Healthcare Career [...]

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Inc 5000. Six years in a row. 


I remember like it was yesterday. I couldn’t wait to submit our numbers when we were eligible for the first time, six years [...]

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Back, and better than ever!


Blue Pipes just released their 2021 Best Travel Nursing Companies list, and I am very proud to say that Atlas MedStaff is back in [...]

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Is it ok to be thankful in the midst of a pandemic? Yes — focus on the positive


Is it ok to be thankful in the midst of a pandemic? Yes — focus on the positive I am thankful. Is that hard to say [...]

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Companies are saying ‘thank you’ to nurses and healthcare workers in their own ways


Damn. Things are just … shitty. Can I say that? I think we all would agree, even if you don’t curse that much. [...]

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TravCon changed our business.


Once a year we all gather in fabulous Las Vegas and share a weekend full of food, drinks and fun. TravCon, while not perfect, has [...]

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Why be a travel nurse?


If you asked 100 travelers why they started traveling you would probably hear a couple of answers over and over on repeat. Money [...]

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15 Years


15 years ago today I started in this industry. July 19, 2004. 15 years. Thinking back, I honestly had no business being [...]

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