The Red Box

This is for negative voices out there. The ones that either can’t or won’t, then use their very best keyboard courage to discourage, mock or debase the ones who are trying. Over the years, I’ve [...]

August 1st

It’s August 1st. 2018 is more than half over. We are on the downhill slide. Fall is coming. This past weekend I was at Bath and Body Works with my wife (they were having a hand soap sale…$3 [...]

Atlas Therapy Division

I was wrong. That’s never felt better to say. Our industry is full of shiny objects. It’s easy to get distracted. When Atlas started 6 years ago we had one goal in mind. We wanted to be the very [...]

Don’t Just Make A List

Out of the blue this week, a friend (and seasoned travel nurse) Lori Hyatt sent me a video through Facebook messenger. It was a Goalcast video, and honestly those can be hit and miss. But this [...]

Happy Independence Day!

I don’t want this to sound like a commercial for travel nursing. That wasn’t my goal when I sat down to write it today. I want it to be more like a call to action. Maybe you don’t do anything [...]


Lately I’ve been fascinated with “the why”. Why did our recruiters become recruiters? Why did our nurses become nurses? We all have a why. When was the last time you thought about yours? My why [...]

David and Goliath

Writer Malcolm Gladwell took an interesting look at this classic story, and I think it really relates to our industry today. Goliath had two things going for him. His size and his skill with a [...]

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