Adventures in Nursing Blog



It’s April. Have you seen your New Year’s resolution? We all do it. We make these big sweeping [...]

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People. Process. Product.


A few years back I was introduced to Marcus Lemonis, the CEO of Camping World, by way of his appearance on season 3 of [...]

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Writers Block – Common Facebook Mistakes of a Traveler


Article number two in the Writers Block series comes from Thomas Piper, owner of Scrub Squad 1978. Thomas has been a [...]

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Writers Block – The Stethoscope


A week ago I put out the call: write something and send it to me. I know there are talented writers out there, and I [...]

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Writers Block


I started writing years ago. I went to school for it. In fact, I thought writing was going to be my career. By my [...]

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What Do You Want?


I’ve asked “what is your why” a lot lately. Many of you answered, and what I heard was fascinating. [...]

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February has kicked my ass


Monday morning, February 18th. It’s 12 degrees. It snowed 7 inches over the weekend. That’s on top of the [...]

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More, more, more


More, more, more. Words I live by every day. Two Vlogs, three podcasts, a daily show, a weekly nurse interview, a [...]

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Nothing would be the same if you didn't exist


Every Sunday my iPhone tells me how much screen time I had for the past week. iPhone only. My iPad, Macbook, and Work [...]

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