The Gratitude List

I really enjoy this time of year. Fall is a great time. Halloween, fire pits, Octoberfest beers, the color of the trees as the leaves change color, the crispness of the air at night, and of [...]

He Changed The World

I read comic books. I have read comic books since I was a kid. I still enjoy going to the comic shop and looking at the new comics, seeing the stories and how characters deal with issues and [...]

Happy Halloween!

You know what scares me? Well…Japanese horror movies if we are being honest. But what really scares me is technology. Me. The guy who loves technology. Strange, right? You see, I’m an emotional [...]


Times change. Old businesses die. New businesses take their place. Markets shift. How a consumer gets what he or she wants evolves. Circle of life, right? What a lot of people don’t see is the [...]

Follow the Money

This past Monday the one-time leader in retail, Sears, declared bankruptcy. They went from the company that everyone knew and bought from to a dinosaur for a number of reasons which aren’t [...]


I’m going to keep it short this week. We don’t say thank you enough. How many times a day do you say thank you? Or hold the door open for someone, or let that guy who clearly doesn’t know how to [...]


Flipping the calendar to October. The home stretch. Time for chili, football, and pumpkin spice everything. It’s also time for that last push for contracts to the end of the year. I thought this [...]

Out of touch?

During an online conversation last week, I was told I was “out of touch” with travel nursing. That the industry has passed me by. That we focus too much of our time and resources on cat pictures [...]

Why Not?

I want to ask a very serious question. Why not? There is that old theory that if you say yes to everything, good things will happen. I’d challenge that. Saying yes to everything probably isn’t [...]

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