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Back, and better than ever!

Back, and better than ever!

Blue Pipes just released their 2021 Best Travel Nursing Companies list, and I am very proud to say that Atlas MedStaff is back in the Top 10. Not making the list last year stung a bit, and it pushed me to refocus and get back to basics. This was not easy in the middle of a pandemic, especially in an industry like ours. Our roots have never changed, though, and our commitment to you, the nurse working in the hospital, is still our focus day in and day out.

I first met Kyle Schmidt (via email) back in 2014 when BluePipes was just getting started. We spent a lot of time talking to each other about the industry. We talked about what he was experiencing, what we were going through as a very young company, and how we could work together to make the travel nursing industry better. You see, before BluePipes, there was no one place to go to fill out your information and get introduced to the best travel nurse staffing companies. Each company had its own (and most of the time ridged) requirements, and it was rare to find one that would accept paperwork or forms from another agency or source. BluePipes changed all that. Kyle and his team created a one-stop-shop for travel nurses entering the market. I am proud to say Atlas was the first agency to sign on and accept its forms for submittals. That changed things for us. That was one of the key stepping stones to our success.

Enough history, let's talk about this year's list. BluePipes takes reviews from six different sources, two of which are specific to travel nursing. Those two are Highway Hypodermics, owned and operated by travel nursing legend Kay Slane, and Travel Nursing Central, owned and operated by Medical Solutions. The other four are somewhat everyday names: Google, Facebook, Indeed, and Glassdoor. In the article, Kyle breaks down each of the sources and how the scores have been calculated. He’s a numbers guy and the amount of detail that goes into figuring this list is astounding. 

Why are these six sources important, or why should you care who they rank in the Top 10? This answer is simple. This list is based on reviews done by you. They represent real-life travel nurses sharing their insights and experiences. Who knows better about the industry than your peers? The ones that are traveling just like you are, on contract, living in the same world that you do. We are amazingly proud to be on this list and to represent the best of the best in our industry. Thank you, Kyle, for putting in the work to make this list happen.