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Gary Darling

Gary Darling

Brand Content Editor

855-844-2360 Ext. 6267


Why did you choose Atlas MedStaff?

A friend of mine asked me if I would be interested in relocating and leaving my theater job behind (which I loved) and joining the Atlas Team. My first statement was, "you better blow my socks off." After several minutes of dialogue about the company, he had delivered on just that. From hearing about the culture, how fast growing Atlas was, etc., everything added up to me leaving South Dakota behind and moving to Omaha to be a part of the Atlas team and I am so excited to be here.


My family consists of my wife Heather and my kids Liam, Declan, and Keely.


We have two dogs. Saoirse is our Great Pyrenees and Nova (the old man) is an American Husky. So let's just say there is a plethora of white hair constantly on our clothes.


For hobbies I like to play board games with the family, read, play video games, collect Funko Pops with my kids, and dress up occasionally as the dark lord of the Sith, Darth Vader for comic book conventions.

Top five things on your Bucket List:

1. To travel to Ireland which used to be home to my Grandpa.

2. To become a standing member of the 501st legion.

3. To own a 1967 Chevy Impala and take road trips with my wife. Why yes, we do watch Supernatural.

4. To play the character Brutus in the Shakespearean play "The Tragedy of Julius Caesar."

5. To learn how to play guitar.

Favorite Quote:

"A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others." - Ayn Rand