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Maria Hedrick

Maria Hedrick

Billing Specialist

855-884-2360 Ext. 6282


Why did you choose Atlas MedStaff?

I chose to join Atlas MedStaff for many reasons, but the main one was the family oriented values of this company.


My husband Dan and I currently have 3 children. Our oldest daughter Dakotah, our middle daughter Sapphire and our youngest son Kyo. Dan and I are foster parents and are open for the placement of more children at anytime so our family may still grow.


We currently have one dog. Her name is Bowie and she is half German Shepherd and half Husky. She is normally quite calm, and a real gentle giant but she loves to sing (bark/howl). She is a beautiful combination of our two favorite breeds of dog and a perfect fit for our family.


My main love in life is working with children. I have two degrees in Early Education and have about 20 years of professional experience working with children. I decided to take a step back from that so that I could concentrate my child related energy on my own children and our future foster children. I also teach religious education at our church. So to sum it up, working with and caring for children is my hobby.


Top five things on your Bucket List:

1. Take my kids to France to see where I lived.

2. Travel Route 66 in an RV with my family.

3. Take my family to Disney World and Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

4. Take my family to California.

5. Adopt 3 more children from foster care.

Favorite Quote:

"Keep Calm and Just Breathe"