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Recruiter Spotlight featuring Dezirae Thrower - Atlas: Now Streaming 77

Wedding photography, hopeless romantics, trashy television, and goofy comedies; what do all of these things have in common? They're just a few of Dezirae's favorite things! This week, we sit down with Dezirae Thrower, who was hired on as one of our Allied recruiters in January (fun fact: all of our recruiters are nurse AND Allied recruiters now!). When she's not watching Ozark or Shameless, Dezirae is being a photographer, spending time with her friends and family, and helping healthcare professionals get those travel placements!

In this episode, we talk about some of Dezirae's favorite shows, the funniest moments in "Step Brothers," and why sometimes you have to push through that awful pilot season of a show to get to the good stuff (looking right at you, Parks & Recreation).

Learn more about Dezirae on her bio page: