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From running a landing zone for a president to becoming a nurse recruiter - Atlas All Access 142

🪖 At Atlas MedStaff service is the very core of what we do here and military service is something we hold in very high regard. Being that Atlas is certified veteran owned by NaVOBA (National Veteran Owned Business Association), finding out that one of our nurse recruiters was a military veteran is incredibly important to us. So this week on Atlas All Access we talk to Army veteran Alicia Carosella.

From running the helicopter landing zone for President Obama to being the first female soldier to serve on the Torkham Border (Torkham is a major border crossing between the Pakistani city of Torkham and Afghanistan), Alicia Carosella has an incredible history of service to our country.

Now she wants to serve you as your Atlas nurse recruiter. To learn more about Alicia Carosella: 🪖

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