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What our Experience Team brings to our Travel Nurses and Healthcare Pros - Atlas All Access 140

Every company has a marketing department. This applies to our industry too. We, at Atlas Medstaff, utilize our "marketing department" just a little bit differently. Rich brings in in long-time Atlas Fam and Director of Brand Experience, Matt Loughran, to talk all the details on how we use our "marketing department" to ensure that every Travel Nurse and Travel Allied Healthcare Pro has the best experience they can with us on or off an assignment.

Meet Matt Here:

Atlas All Access is a weekly podcast filled with information about what it takes to be a traveling nurse in today's market. We discuss topics like pay, housing, tax free stipends, traveling in a RV, negotiating your contract, where to find the best jobs, and much more! This isn't just a podcast about open jobs, it's about the traveling nurse lifestyle.

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