A Beer With Atlas
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St. Paddy's Beers - Beer With Atlas 134 - the original travel nurse craft beer podcast

Celebrate St. Patrick's day by diving into some rich beer history with us alongside some rich beers ... with Rich!

The Beer Crew makes "Black and Tans" with a pale ale on the bottom and a traditional stout on top (usually Guinness or Murphy's). We talk about the history of the drink and how you only order a "half and half" in Ireland.

And we celebrate St. Paddy's with some Snakebite beers and a literal history of snakebites in Ireland. Not to sound too clickbaity, but the truth might surprise you!

Basically, these are excuses to pour a stout into another drink, and we are here for it.

Here's to a bit o' the luck of the Irish sticking with us all through the new year. Cheers!