A Beer With Atlas
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Uncommon Stout, Bent River Brewing Company - A Beer with Atlas 137 - travel nurse beer podcast

Right on the bottle of this beer it reads: "If you have set foot in our Moline, IL Brewpub any time in the last 20+ years, you may have noticed The Mask of Celuluk hanging above our brew house and looking over the bar and dining room. He was there when we brewed the very first batch of Uncommon Stout and still watches over the brewing process to this day..."

If that doesn't peak your interest, IDK what will. 

Dolan, Rich, and Brian dive into some Coffee stories and a little history on the area (The Quad Cities) that this Oatmeal/Coffee Stout comes from. Big Thanks to Recruiter, Mark Lau for giving us this beer to review!

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Whenever our travel nurses, techs, and therapists visit new areas of the country, they find great local craft beers that we highlight.