A Beer With Atlas
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We try War Elephant, a beer collab from Oliphant Brewing & Eastlake Brewing - A Beer With Atlas 72

This is a bit of a milestone for us. In this episode we review "War Elephant", which is the very first beer collaboration we've covered on "A Beer With Atlas".

This brew was a collab between the Oliphant and Eastlake Brewing companies. This pink pachyderm packed a very unique flavor that we liked, but is hard to pin down, doubtless this was the result of the two breweries' different approaches to #craftbeer.

It boasts "smoked sea salt gose brewed with guajillo chiles and cacao nibs" -- yeah, it's different.

If you're looking for a unique beverage, this may be the one you want to try.

You can check out our full review right here.