Status Quo? More like Status No.

 In Atlas

Early on we realized something. If we wanted to grow, we had to do things that would not normally equal growth. Have that “startup” mindset. Spend money without a return. Serve each nurse and contract one by one. And don’t stop until each recruiter connects with each nurse that works for them, and each client feels like a valued partner. Trust me, that creates some dark days from a balance sheet point of view. Nursing is the same way. It takes something extra to be a nurse. The long, thankless hours. No bathroom breaks. No lunch breaks. A nurse learns early on that going above and beyond isn’t always recognized. And rarely ever is there additional compensation. So we learned from this, and realized something. If nurses can do this every day, why do companies have to change once they reach a certain size? This mindset isn’t just for startups. This is a way to operate every day.

So then we applied this to our hiring efforts. We found that if we just looked for good people with a strong work ethic and family values, the industry basics could be taught. Being located in the Midwest gives us a leg up in hiring. People here know what it means to put in a hard days work. They were taught strong work ethics by their parents. It’s no wonder some of the best companies in the industry are located in the Midwest, and many of them right here in Omaha.

Sometimes it looks like Atlas does things that don’t make financial sense. We spend money where others wouldn’t. Other companies have even told us we are wasting money doing the things we do. We disagree. Now you know what we do isn’t an accident. It’s by design. Either you drive disruption, or you are outpaced by it. We didn’t get to where we are today by copying other companies. We’re completely uninterested in what everyone else in our industry is doing. Why you might ask? Because we haven’t seen any of them come up with new, original ideas. They are happy to live status quo. Doesn’t mean they are bad, it just means they’ve created a box and they are living in it. A very profitable box that their bloated management structure and/or private equity ownership feels very comfortable in.

But that’s not Atlas, and it never will be. You can go work for Company XYZ and live inside that box they created. Or you can come work for us, the fastest growing privately held healthcare staffing company two years in a row. The complete opposite of status quo. A place #whereyoubelong.

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